On The Grapevine…..

July 24th, 2011

*Keira Knightley is a big fan of Sir Elton John it would appear. That could only explain the Pirates of the Caribbean star getting a chopper to get her over to Hatfield last Sunday for the music legends gig in the pouring rain. I’m told Uncle Elt met with Keira prior to the gig and Keira was happily playing with the star’s new baby boy Zachary backstage. Awwwww.

*Friendship alert! It would appear newly wed supermodel Kate Moss and her new Highgate neighbour George Michael are starting to become good pals. My source tells me: “George has been over to welcome Kate to the neighbourhood and they have seen a bit of each other. He says she’s perfect as a neighbour.” She must have calmed her all night benders down then….

*Rumer is set to make a leap to the big screen after recording the title track to forthcoming movie Johnny English Reborn. And the red carpet should be a fun affair when the songstress is reunited with leading man Rowan Atkinson. Speaking at the Glenfiddich MOJO awards this week she said: “The last time I saw Rowan I sold him a laptop when I was working at the Apple store!” she laughed. “He was looking to buy one for his daughter and I showed him the range and talked him through how they worked. I’m tempted to ask if he remembers me selling him a computer. I hope it’s still in working order! The song has been written by Eg White and is for the end credits. It really is a lovely track.”

*Easy Lover Leg Phil Collins sounds happy being retired and doing NOTHING these days. He revealed: “Retirement is not something I’ve reluctantly accepted. I’ve had a great career and worn out my air miles. Nothing can last forever and it’s more frustrating not being able to build toys with your kids than not being able to play the drums. My days now involve doing nothing most of the time. I think I’ve earned my time lying on my back watching Sky News. My obligations are now different like standing in the rain watching football in the rain or going to pick the kids up.” But he definitely seems a tad out of touch with the music scene. “I don’t listen to music. I don’t actually like music that much if I’m being honest,” he added. “I’ve never heard of artists like Amy Winehouse or Plan B.” For realz?


*X Factor’s Belle Amie are back! Many thought it was all over for the girlband when got booted off in week four last year but like a musical phoenix they’ve returned with ace debut single Girls Up released August 28. But the girls admitted that they thought they were gonners after fourth member Geneva Lane quit at the start of the year. “We kinda lost hope when Geneva quit as she wanted to do her own thing,” said Rebecca Creighton. “We were confused and in a rut but we picked ourselves up and carried on. We couldn’t be happier now with our choice because everything’s so much better. The dynamics are better and we get along so much better. We’re definitely stronger as a three piece.”

*Will.i.am is already snapping up American talent to work with Cheryl Cole on her next album. And after spent four weeks at No 1 with Party Rock Anthem LMFAO have already had a call.
“He’s expressed interested in us to come down and meet Cheryl,” said Redfoo. “He’s like you have to come into the studio! I have to be honest I don’t know too much about her and have never heard of Girls Aloud.” Maybe not the best start.

*It doesn’t sound like Leona Lewis is mixing it up too much for the new video for her new dance track Collide. The stars people have been casting for the video this week that will be shot on a beach in LA this week. Potential actors for it have been told: “This music video will be a beautiful cinematic piece that will showcase the natural beauty of Leona Lewis. It will be inviting, sexy, and organic. It will be a moving fashion spread. It’s about finding the beauty in the subtleties of life. We are looking for beautiful men and women to help set the tone for this video. These people need to match Leona’s vibe and need to be able to have fun. This will be shot on a beach and therefore talent must be comfortable being in and around water.” Notes go on to say men should look like “Abercrombie and Fitch models” and some “small tattoos” are welcome.

*Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan is going to be a serious solo star if this week’s performance at Jacques Townhouse was anything to go by. Keisha showcased a few new tracks and played some Sugababes covers as well as a blistering cover of Beyonce’s Girls. She told me she’s heading back into the studio now to finish her debut solo album before the release. Hey, there may even be some collaborations on there! She said: “I was so nervous and I was absolutely shaking before I went on. It’s been a year since I picked up a mic so anything could of happened. Now the plan is for me to go back into the studio and finish off the rest of the album. There are going to be some exciting collaborations on there. It’s possible one of them could be with JLS or Leona, you never know.” Here’s hoping.

*Jennifer Aniston
sounds like she had a blast filming Horrible Bosses. The new flick is blooming hilarious. But what was Miss Aniston’s favourite part? She revealed: “ Playing an absolutely insane crazy sexual nymphomaniac. It’s not something you really explain very easily to friends. Great female comedy roles are coming around round more and more – which is great.” Good to ee her in a proper comedy – she has great timing.

*Dannii Minogue is going up in the fashion world. I’m reliably informed by her charming Project D business partner that the pair will be addressing the bigwigs of the clothing world by presenting their Spring-Summer 2012 range to journalists and fashion bods at this September’s fashion week. Tabitha Webb tells me: “We’re so nervous to be presenting our work at London Fashion Week – but it’s exciting.”

X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction singer Zayn Malik call time on their relationship

July 24th, 2011

X Factor stars Rebecca Ferguson and teen lover Zayn Malik of boy band One Direction are “heartbroken” after ending their relationship for the sake of their careers.
Last year’s runner-up, Rebecca took to her twitter to announce the split before mysteriously taking her post down after telling friends she was “completely gutted” the union had ended.
Rebecca said: “I’m happy I’ve decided to be single my children my family and my career are now my world.”
A spokesman for Rebecca added: “It’s very sad. But it just wasn’t working.”
But sources close to mum-of-two Bex, 24, and Zayn, 18, say the pair are far from happy about the end of their unlikely relationship. Fans have given Rebecca a truckload of abuse for dating the 1D hunk and the main reason for the split was mounting pressure to be single for the start of their pop careers when they will hardly have a moment spare to see each other. My source reveals: “Rebecca’s absolutely gutted. Putting a message up on twitter saying she was fine was a complete bluff for the fact she’s heartbroken. Zayn’s upset too – and was getting a lot of pressure to be single for when the band start to release music.
“In the end they just realised they would be better single as they prepare for their solo careers. They will be friends eventually but they need to mend their broken hearts first.”
Rather embarrassingly in May the Liverpudlian singer couldn’t help but gush about her man Zayn and how happy they were. She also hit back at fans saying she was a ‘cougar’ dating such a young guy. She said: “We’re really in love…I want people to know that I’m happy, he’s happy and we’re in a loving, caring relationship.
“There’s only six years difference. I mean, Madonna does it and she gets a round of applause. It’s like “Go on Madge!” I’m going to be really honest… he was after me for months.
“I was like “No, you’re too young.” But he really wooed me and it was a long, long struggle before anything happened.”
But I have to say this split is probably for the best with their careers just about to kick off.
The buzz in the industry is that Rebecca’s solo material is going to give Adele a run for her money in the charts when it’s released through Sony later this year. And there’s no doubting One Direction are going to be huge in the pop world.
Give it a few years guys, let the dust settle and reunite. Ah, a pop love story…..


July 19th, 2011

Chick Fix - Presenter Grace Woodward

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model judge Grace Woodward is even more fierce and foxy in this series of the Sky Living programme. And I love it! When Natalie Edwards hooked up with the fab fashion creative and stylist this week she almost didn’t recognise her as she’s temporarily ditched her trademark thick black specs and a flawless lash look.
We caught up to chat having Katie Price as a guest judge, styling the new series of X Factor and her current wardrobe must-haves.

You’re known for your signature specs so what’s the reason for leaving them in their case for the new series of BINTM?
Like anybody that wears glasses I wear them when I need to. When I don’t where them I go out and squint my way through the evening. I’ve been to parties where people have thought I rudely blanked them but it’s because I haven’t seen them! I think my glasses were great to make my mark but they’re quite fearsome. I want people to see the expression and emotion in my eyes more and next week they do make a guest-appearance! If I get asked to do the next series I’ll have to completely re-invent myself. I think it might have to be a hair trick and I’ll dye it crazy colours like all those cool East London girls. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair peach and pink. During the makeovers we dye one of the girl’s hair on the show candy floss pink and I was just so jealous. I was like ‘Oh I want that!’ So maybe I’ll do that.

The new series of BINTM has already been going down a storm. What’s been your favourite moment from filming?
It has been so much fun with the new format. Last year Charley, Julien and myself got stranded Malaysia because of the ash cloud and we became really good friends. Julien took charge and was like ‘right we’re going travelling’ and marched us round the whole of Malaysia’. Julien certainly knows how to live it up! This time we’re definitely having more of a laugh. There were plenty of moments where we just couldn’t stop laughing.

And this series you’re going to be having guest judges joining you on the panel…
I think having some of the guest judges is actually quite nerve-wracking because we know each other really well. They are also quite opinionated and it can feel sometimes like they are judging us too. We’ve got in a pattern of banter and sometimes I think they can look at us and be like ‘I think you’re all mad!’ The calibre of guest judges has been really fantastic and hopefully really exciting for the viewer.

And Katie price is one of said guest judges, How did that go?
I was terrified at the thought of meeting her! She knows when to pull out bits of her personality and she was demure and quiet until we asked ‘What’s going on?!’ She was like ‘all right then’ and started going ‘that’s vile’, ‘sack her’ and hilariously told someone to ‘jog on’! If people think I’m harsh then, wow, you should hear some of the things she said!

Do you admire her style as it’s pretty individual?

I think there’s a lot of admiration for creating a business out of not a lot but the jury is out whether I would want my career or life to be like that.

Being so well known for your style do you ever have fashion faux pas?

Oh God, all the time! But there’s no particular antidote. I’m new to the public eye but I’m used to working in fashion where you express yourself and be creative by wearing whatever you want. We joke that I’ve got a ‘Grace Woodward style laboratory’ because sometimes the experiments go really, really wrong but other times they go really, really right. It’s a science in itself to do this whole in front of the cameras thing and it’s something that I’m still working out. I totally see now why Victoria Beckham doesn’t smile in pictures because your face can just go all over the place.

What wardrobe must haves do you currently have on your wish-list?

The Givenchy collection have got a pair of reading glasses which have black panther’s down the side. My car is nicknamed ‘the panther’ because it’s a black pimped out 1980’s Mercedes! They also have a black patent leather baseball cap which has got little cat’s ears out of the top and I really like it because it’s very silly! Because people think I’m a bit stern it’s nice sometimes to do a fun accessory. I do get worried that people think I’m a bit too fierce! I think you have to be because it’s such a difficult industry that the models are going in to. Julien does make fun of them a little when he calls them funny names but I think he does that for the comedy value. I don’t want to do that as I’d rather just try and help them.

IMG_0727 - Grace
And you’re a busy lady because you also have your new programme Chick Fix coming out soon on Sky Living…
Yes it’s a real pro-women programme. My boyfriend and I watched the first episode together and he said that it feels like the real Sex And The City. It’s four women with real lives helping each other out. They are really, smart funny women who have problems in their lives like anyone else and they just need some time to sort it out. There’s a bit of a makeover in it but it’s not about that as that’s just a treat. It’s all about what they go through and how they help each other out. They are lovely with each other but because they are strangers to each other they do shoot it straight from the hip. It’s great for me because I’m not involved in any of the styling or therapy – I’m just the host. The programme does mean a lot to me as I haven’t had the most picture perfect life.

Is the new side of you which we’ll see in Chick fix a sign of things to come?
My burning ambition is to bring a really cool fashion programme to the TV. It would be all about style and be generally quite funny. The makeover show has done it’s time and I think there’s room for something a bit fresher. What’s great is that I’m not just a presenter and I can write and produce too. I’d also like to do a radio show.

Will you be involved in heading up the style team again on the new series of X Factor this year?
I have no idea. I didn’t hear until two weeks beforehand last time! It’s a crazy wonderful world of it’s own at X Factor and by keeping people on their toes they keep the energy up.

If they offer you the role of X Factor stylist again will you take it?

It depends on what’s going on at the time. Obviously having done it last time it would be a natural progression but I also have things in the pipe-line for that time of year so who knows? It will have to be the highest bidder!

What would you like to see this year in terms of style on the X Factor?

Last year I got lots of comments from people saying they really noticed a change and so whatever happens I would like that to still happen. I think it’s an amazing platform for British designers to get involved and showcase their work. I’d like to see a mixture of vintage, high-end designer and high-street being used. You want to see fashion in motion on the stage while also having some gratuitous male nudity!

There’s been lots of comparisons this year between the style of Tulisa Contostavlos and Cheryl Cole – do you think that’s fair?
That must be really hard for her. I really don’t think it’s fair because how can you compare women of different ages and different looks? I think that’s bad.

Do you think the X Factor will be a strange place to potentially work this year without Simon Cowell there?

I think he has an incredibly good incite into what the public thinks and his advice to me was always really sound. But I don’t believe that he’ll stay away for the whole time and not turn up at all! It’s his baby. It’s actually great that he’s letting it go a bit because it’s giving it new life with new people. But I still think people want to see him there and I still think he will fulfill that.


July 19th, 2011


You could be mistaken for thinking in five inch Louboutin heels supermodel Elle Macpherson has made a huge effort for the waiting paparazzi as she drops her youngest son to school.
But the woman herself is keen to make out, despite her jaw-dropping looks, she’s far from marching on the runway when she drops her son at school. Elle, 48, says: “Are you mad? You think I doll myself up to drop my baby off at school. No way!
“OK, there are some pretty crazy outfits there when I go to do the school run – I’ll give you that. But if I’m made up and wearing heels then I’m on my way to work. The majority of the high end looks where from when I was straight off to film for the new series of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.
“It’s not like I’m getting dressed up for school. Come on! I’m dressed up to go to work and I’m dropping my baby off on the way. It’s not a big deal. I always wear shades as I don’t have my face on that early.
“I guess I can see where you’re coming from, but people really shouldn’t think I get out of bed looking like that. I’m the same as any other woman on the school run.”
In real life Elle, 48, giraffe like at 6ft tall minus heels, wonderfully softly spoken, refreshingly has wrinkles around her eyes and still has the power to turn every single head in the room when she trots in.

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

Single Elle is preparing for the second series she’s fronted of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model to air on Sky Living. And whereas last year she seemed nervous about the role, this year she seems to have found her television feet. “I can’t create a career for this girl but I can certainly make a platform for a girl that’s unusual and looks interesting,” she says. “I can give them a nice entrance into the industry and that’s the hardest thing sometimes. I love doing this show and getting towards the end of the series there are some real surprises in store.
“We didn’t come off as being bitchy in the show did we?” She asks.
Nope, in fact Elle is like the mother figure for all the wannabe models on the show.
She lets out a sigh of relief and says: “Thank God, I wouldn’t want to be some bitch on this show. I have a lot of tenderness for the girls.”
Nowadays it seems the supermodel, who is an international ambassador for Revlon and owns and runs her own lingerie empire – Elle Macpherson Intimates, is far from bothered about her infamous body. She’s more interested in enjoying staying fit and achieving body wellness.
“I don’t want to be ploughing away for hours on the treadmill,” she explains. “I’m not working on keeping this body anymore. I’m much more interested in wellness and well being – rather than the shape of my body these days.
“I go to see James Duigan at Bodyism for a workout, if not then I go and train with my tennis coach Tanya Bennett who’s amazing. I water ski, snow ski, hike and I really love my sport. I like the feel when I’m doing it.
“It’s not about feeling horrific and stiff afterwards. I enjoy the active lifestyle and being outdoors.
“I’m not feeling pressure to keep my body in shape these days. People that are watching the show will see clearly that I’m not 20. I’m not under any illusion that I am. That would be very silly of me.”
And it sounds like as she approaches 50, and after three decades in the fashion industry, she’s ready to leave her modelling days behind her once and for all.
Her first cover in 1986 for Time Magazine featured the headline “The Big Elle” and she’s appeared on the cover of the infamous Swimsuit Issue of Sport’s Illustrated a record five times.
But now modelling just doesn’t flip her switch.
“The modelling is the part that takes the least amount of time and energy for me and the truth is I don’t enjoy it as much as I did,” she carefully explains. “It’s not a case of been there done that – but I’m not as interested in my physical image anymore. I’m all about getting behind the camera now and that’s why I’m pleased I have the opportunity to be an executive producer on this show. Being involved in different aspects of my career is where I’m getting satisfaction these days.
“It would have been easy for me to have just fronted a show about modelling as a model and just read my lines and played it cool and gone home. But that wasn’t an option. I wanted to immerse myself in it completely. And learn about the industry – I see my future in television and there are various projects I’m looking into.”
In the 1980s, together with Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, Elle was propelled to supermodel status.
But Elle, who has two children -  Arpad Flynn, 13, and Aurelius, eight – from former love Arpad Busson, admits nowadays she’s glad the fashion world is making a conscious effort to except diversity in body shapes, ethnicity and size in models. “There has always been a lot of diversity in the industry,” she says. “I make my bras for Intimates to fit busts from a double A cup to a G.
“The body size debate has always been an important issue for me. I just think we’re all becoming more aware of it now.
“I’m interested in designers like Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton who are communicating a great message through their work about a different type of beauty. I think that’s what is happening in the industry right now.”

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, Sky Living on Mondays at 9pm

The Wanted carry a torch for the 2012 Olympics!

July 19th, 2011

s London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay nomination campaign 2

The Wanted (aka Jay McGuiness, Max George, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran) join Coca-Cola’s London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay nomination campaign. And don’t the boys look cute!

Coca-Cola’s London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay nomination campaign aims to find inspirational young people – Future Flames – to carry the Olympic Flame next year. Nominations can be made at www.cokezone.co.uk now!

s London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay nomination campaign

Former EastEnder Lacey Turner looks stunning at BBC premiere of One Life

July 19th, 2011


The stars were out in full force last week at the low-key premiere of the BBC’s new One Life nature film narrated by Bond star Daniel Craig.

Mr Bond may not have been there but newsreader Kate Silverton showed off her growing baby bump, rock and roll model Alice Dellal looked typically edgy and former EastEnder Lacey Turner looked cute as a button.


Model Daisy Lowe strikes a pose for Braun

June 30th, 2011

Daisy Lowe (1)

Model Daisy Lowe stops and strikes a pose on the white carpet at the launch of the new Braun Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator. The model showcased her two biggest passions of fashion and music DJing at the chic Hospital Club in London. One thing though – why so glum?

Glee stars Darren Criss and Dianna Agron pop along to Hard Rock Calling

June 28th, 2011

Hard Rock Calling 2011 Day 1

I’m even more gutted that I didn’t get down to Hard Rock Calling now…..because look who turned up!

Darren Criss and Dianna Agron – who play Blaine Anderson and Quinn Fabray in Glee! And don’t they just look the cutest together!

My sources at the festival tell me the guys were talking aboout the possibility of a London based episode of the hit show. Dianna revealed: “There are talks – but we’ll have to wait and see.” Please let it happen!

Hard Rock Calling 2011 Day 1