Britney: The Latest

January 6th, 2008

So overnight it seems Britney’s dad was in tears at the hospital after discovering Britney had checked herself out of the hospital. And friends and family fear the worst in her hometown. Click here to see the reactions of her pals. I especially like where her grandfather says he hopes for the best – and that he’s going fishing tomorrow. Classic.

Britney's gone too far this time….

January 4th, 2008

As I type this blog Britney Spears is going through one of the biggest battles of her life. The battle to stay on the straight and narrow. Let’s face it though, throughout the whole of 2007 she was far from sorted in the head.

This time last year I was in LA and popping out to The Abbey one evening with my good friend Perez Hilton and we watched Britney walk in with a few of her ‘leeches’ who claim to be her friend (but will sell their story quicker than you can say Britney-goes-commando). That evening Britney went up into VIP and sat within view of everyone and quickly went back into a VIP toilet and came out looking off her rocker in front of the whole club. Let’s just say she spent twenty minutes in the loo calling in her pals individually for a ‘chat’ and then left the club where the paps had gathered waiting for her exit.

Until seeing her in real life I didn’t believe she was THAT messed up and out of control. The crazy-eyed star was totally beyond help back then a year ago – and now it’s got to the point where I think we’re in danger of a new chapter. And it ain’t good!

She’s being rumoured to be being monitored for the next 14 days and is on suicide watch according to new reports. Up until now I’ve thought there was a way out for the star – but now I actually think I may have been wrong. I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where we’re all reaching for our chic black funeral threads. It’s what everyone’s thinking. And it’s very sad.

Get well Britters.

Showbiz gossip!

January 3rd, 2008

The celebrity world is totally dead right now! Big time. So I’m scraping together bits and bobs until my social life returns. Next week I’m off to see the Spice Girls for the second time at the O2 centre, then I’ll be brushing shoulders with Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks at the premiere’s of Sweeney Todd and Charlie Wilson’s War and I’ll be jetting off to the Golden Globes in Los Angeles to mingle with the A-List towards the end of the week! But for now I’m giving you all I have…..

Spotted! SJP and Matthew Broderick checking into the Peninsula Hotel (where Victoria Beckham is regularly spotted) in LA. I’m told by my mole: “They rushed by and had loads of luggage.” Sarah Jessica is almost certainly putting the finishing touches to the Sex and the City movie that will be out in May. Hoorah.

My pal Catalina Guirado of TFi Friday fame is preparing to move back to LA with her new hubby Matt in January. Cat’s decided to get herself a proper job and leave the showbiz world behind for now. She’s taking up a post with a new music company that will headhunt the big chart acts of tomorrow. She’s ecstatic about being put up in a swanky LA hillside apartment too. Good for her.

Whilst in LA I’ll be interviewing the rapper Snoop Dogg and his family who will soon star in a brand new fly on the wall reality show that will air on E! Entertainment. I love E! – and I can’t get enough of all those trashy shows about celebs gone bad.

I’ve been getting my diary in order and I’m especially looking forward to the Brit Awards in February. The show will go out at 8pm on ITV1 on the day live (with a small delay) and will be hosted by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. And talking of the Osbournes….I was especially excited to read this week what Aunty Sharon had to say to my comrade overseas Perez Hilton. She told him she wouldn’t be coming back to the X-Factor without a huge pay rise due to the fact that she can’t stand Dannii Minogue. So there you have it – they really didn’t get on. I highly doubt Simon will bow down to Sharon’s demands. It would be a shame to lose her on the show!

I’m hoping to get the other side of the story from Dannii in the coming days. I will naturally have to fill you in. Until next week people!

Martine's 'mystery' man!

January 2nd, 2008

So various reports said at the weekend that Martine McCutcheon, soon to be seen in new soap Echo Beach, was enjoying break in the sun with a mystery man. He’s not so mystery.

I have a mole there who tells me the man is in fact a musician (who’s signed to Universal kids) called Jack McManus. Not only are they dating – they’ve been at it for the past year. Yes, a year. Far from new!

I’ve had a bit of a love hate thing going on with Martine over the years – she acts the diva at times. But friends of hers say she’s lovely once you get through the initial barrier. In which case I’m happy for her – and she’s looking great in the piccies with Jack. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity with a curvy figure and proud to show it all off.

Echo Beach starts within days and even stars Jason Donovan – let’s hope it’s not an Eldorado type telly disaster. I hope it’s good. The last thing Martine needs is another flop…..

The First blog entry of 2008!

January 1st, 2008

So I spent this festive period seriously chilling out – no major nights out and the celebrity world stopped for a few days! I’m gagging to get back. But here’s a few of my choice observations about TV, celeb lives and anything else I can think of.

How refreshing that Billie Piper chose to get married without a crappy magazine deal in the bag. Billie and Lawrence Fox looked blissfully happy being papped outside the church. And thank the lord she let her dad walk her down the aisle – she didn’t even tell her parents she was getting hitched to Chris Evans when she eloped to Vegas for her first wedding!

I know through friends of the pair that Lawrence’s family were not that enamoured with Billie at first (they preferred Lawrence’s ex Martha Swann) but it seems they have come around to liking the Doctor Who star. She’ll be up the duff within months. And what a great mum she’d make.

Christmas television belonged solely to BBC1 if you ask me. I loved the Pavarotti documentary over the break but also watched Doctor Who, EastEnders, To the Manor Born and Catherine Tate Brilliant telly. ITV1 were rubbish for Christmas day – shameful.

How much weight has Myleene Klass lost since having Ava – she was back to her super skinniest on the NYE coverage. Personally I watched the Jools Holland show in the run up to the big night at my friend Henny’s flat. Great fun. Kylie was on fire – although you could so tell she had thick control pants on underneath that dress. She was still smoking hot. And also, Paul McCartney is dying that barnet big time – but he needs to sort the eye bags out if you ask me!

I’m off to Los Angeles within days to cover the Golden Globe Awards and to interview a famous rapper! All the goss will be on here and my blog at Closer.

Merry Christmas to one and all…..

December 26th, 2007

Dean Piper Wink

Dear Everyone,

Holler to y’all at Christmas. I’m loving the fact I have my own site – thanks to my genius brother who’s spent months organising it. He is one of a kind. He even made me a stinking logo (which is shit hot).

Anyway, loads coming up this year. Fun, frolics and fearless celebrity stalking! Keep logging in to catch up with how I’m getting along.

In the meantime enjoy the break and I’ll be ready to rock with the gossip and the adventures at the start of the new year!


Dean x

Welcome Dean to your new website!

November 27th, 2007

Piperben post header

I thought long and hard about what to get you for xmas, couldn’t make my mind up until I purchased and Then I thought what have I done i’m going to be building and updating your dam site all the time, my life will be hell. To get me out of this jam I took a chance to install WordPress on your site, it’s a full on ‘Content Management System’ and after some tweaking I dont have to do anything – from now on you can update, edit, add delete to your site from any computer in the world that has internet access!So with this in mind I want to see you keep this updated all the time with new pics and stories and thoughts. To do this all you need is your log on details which I will give you once you ask! (a quick training session will be needed)If you are viewing this site I presume that you are using your shiny new macbook, I hope you like it and that bag we got for you!



Please be careful what you say on your site because if you upset any of your famous mates they will be taking you to court not the company you work for!