Trinny and Susannah

Posted by Dean Piper On October 21st, 2008

Trinny and Susannah: “We love Liz Hurley’s tits!”

The What Not To Wear duo speak tell Closer’s Dean Piper about falling out with one another, what they’d change about their bodies and why WAGS are the new fashion leaders


Trinny Woodall slips down her dress so she’s butt naked, but continues talking to her make-up artist as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Seconds later Susannah Constantine struts past me clutching her sizeable boobs and wearing nothing but a luminous pink thong as she tries to decide what to wear for our Closer shoot.
It’s great to know that the TV fashion gurus are relaxed about being naked, but like any girls they admit to a few insecurities about their bodies. “My worst body part is my stomach and the best is my arse,” Susannah, 46, admits. “In fact I think my fabulous arse is why I have so many great gay friends. It’s actually amazing to look at.” Trinny, 44, pitches in: “Yes, your backside is great. I think my best body part is my tummy but the worst is my legs. They are so short it’s ridiculous. If you notice I always wear heels wherever I am to hide these short legs. I guess things could be worse – I have a Keira Knightley torso so it’s not all bad. It’s just annoying that I can never really wear flats successfully.”
The pair are clearly great pals. Susannah seems like a slightly eccentric, while Trinny is just as much fun, if a little more guarded. Speaking about their friendship – which started after a chance meeting in 1994 – Susannah says: “We never get bored of each other. We might get pissed off from time to time but after a bit of holiday or a couple of days apart we are pining for each other.” Trinny adds: “We’ve had very small glitches. Like when Susannah was pregnant and I was trying and couldn’t. But that’s it.”
Trinny has just separated from musician turned company director Johnnie Elichaoff and has one natural child, Lyla, four, as well as a stepson, Zak. She faced after nine attempts to fall pregnant and suffered two miscarriages.
Both ladies nowadays juggle their busy lives with being mums. Susannah’s married to Danish businessman Sten Bertelsen and has three children, Cece, five this week, Esme, seven, and Joe, nine. They rarely party and although Susannah enjoys a “glass or two” of wine of an evening, Trinny is now teetotal after a past struggle with alcohol addiction. She still attends AA meetings for support, but her sobriety hasn’t stopped her enjoying evenings out with girlfriends. She’s regularly spotted out with good friend Elizabeth Hurley at Italian restaurant San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge. Liz is known for her incredible cleavage and Trinny admits her assets look even better in the flesh. “She’s always had the most amazing boobs,” she reveals. “They are pretty staggering up close. She has the most amazing sense of gravity. Whenever she’s in a deep V you never ever think they are saggy. They are just fabulous tits – I love the feel of them!” Susannah nods in agreement: “Totally fabulous tits!” As well as revealing that she loves Kelly Osbourne’s clear skin, Trinny tells us she believes WAGS are the new fashion icons.
“Susannah and I have always thought women in the North have always made more effort and WAGs seem more prominent up there. I think they’ve upped the anti,” she says. “Some do it with great style and some do it slightly too orange. We both think Abbey Clancy is the top of the tree with WAG style. She seems to always get it right.”
Susannah adds: “Footballers wives in the old days never stood out but I think they are almost like the new aristocracy now. They are aspirational but also accessible.”
Career-wise Trinny and Susannah are busier than ever before. As well as a new series of Undress the Nation on screens later this year on ITV and their new book Who Do Want to be Today? They have just launched their Autumn/Winter 2008 fashion range for Littlewoods Direct. The range has been designed to fit all shapes and sizes and it’s clearly something they are proud of. Trinny says: “The range came about through our anal opinion that every woman should be entitled to a range of clothes that actually flatter the body. So it’s especially for women that are disproportionate – some women are just made with a bottom two sizes bigger then their top.”
Whilst Trinny and Susannah admit to having their own body insecurities, they’re refreshingly laid back about getting older. Trinny has been having Botox for years but denies getting her lips pumped full of collagen and giggles: “People said I’d had my lips done but I haven’t. I’ve had these all my life – and I love them. We are continually pulling our faces and seeing what we would look like with a facelift. Somebody with great thick skin like Sharon Osbourne can look great with surgery – but I think with thin skin it’s a different story and you can looked very pulled.”
Susannah relies on her sense of humour to keep your youthful. “You know what if you look old and tired then why can’t you need to have a fucking good sense of humour,” she says. “Get a personality and love yourself a bit more. I look in the mirror and think: “Please dear God make people laugh because this face isn’t doing anything to raise a smile. My motto’s tell a joke – don’t get your eyes done!”

By Dean Piper

Trinny and Susannah’s collection is available from Who Do You Want To Be Today? (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) out now. Undress The Nation airs later this autumn, ITV1. Trinny and Susannah Original Magic Knickers are available nationwide.