Snoop Dog

Posted by admin On January 18th, 2008

I caught up with the delightful Snoop Dogg (yes , he really was delightful) in Los Angeles this week. Here’s my full interview with the Dogg in it’s full form. He actually makes alot of sense – and even talks about the nightmare that is Britney Spears and how she can get back on track!

His show – which is doing exceedingly well BTW – Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood is on every Sunday at 10.30pm on E! Entertainment Television. Virgin Channel 173!

How do you deal with the cameras around you so much?
Shit, they are there. They are rolling with me and in my life. There are some times when I don’t feel like having them there or having cameras around but I don’t have a problem with most times.

Did you want to emulate the Osbourne family’s success?
Nah, I mean I like Ozzy and Sharon but I wasn’t trying to do a comparison. This show was about me showing myself in a positive light and with my wife and my kids and in a different scenario. It gives people a chance to see the other side to me – not some negative individual like I can be perceived in the media. Or some criminal or some gang member or this or that! Now I’ve done this you get a chance to weigh it out for yourselves.

Why’s your wife nicknamed the Boss Lady?
Her name is Boss Lady because she is the boss. It’s always ladies first with me. My wife’s the backbone to my family.

How did you get to know the Beckhams?
I met David at the Live 8 concert. We took a picture and exchanged numbers and he was a big fan of mine and I was a big fan of his. We talked about my TV show and soccer with the kids. I wanted him to teach my kids to play soccer for the international experience of soccer.
I met Posh at the Live 8 concert too. She didn’t really like me much but I think I’m cool now that she knows I’m family orientated. She didn’t like my bad boy persona. All she knew was Snoop Dogg’s a bad guy but thanks to the show she’s seen I have structure and a wife. I don’t want my husband dealing with him – he’s going to rub off on my husband. Now she knows I’m a great person to rub off on her husband.
Victoria is the Boss Lady in that relationship. That’s how it is.

What are your thoughts on the Britney nightmare?
It’s association by affiliation. You got to associate with people who are doing the right things in life and that rubs off on you. You hang out with nine killers you’re gonna become the ten. You hang out with nine doctors you’re gonna become the ten. You gotta pic what you gotta become and hang wit it. I was born and raised in a bad environment but thanks to music I got into a good environment but then once in the good environment I found myself going back into the bad environment. People get out. They just need to find a way.

Why don’t you want your kids to follow in your footsteps and become rappers?
It’s not an educational job like being a lawyer or something. There’s no insurance or anything with a regular job. With rap there’s none of dat shit. You make your money, you stack dat money and there’s nobody protecting. There’s no structure to being in rap.

Who do you respect out of the new wave rappers?

There’s a lot of fly young guys. There’s one guy and I didn’t like his music in the beginning but I like him now that’s Kanye West. I like his music but the media kept putting out his ego and attitude and I didn’t like it until I met him and he’s nothing like it. The media gonna use five minutes of him ranting and raving. I had to research him on my own to understand he’s a great musician and he’s ahead of his time. That’s why I like him, because he’s a genius and his music is moving people right now.

What the best thing about your new show?
This is an opportunity to see me being a father, becoming real and becoming a human being. It’s going to hurt anybody to be misunderstood. If you have no emotion and couldn’t give a fuck about yourself then you can take that. But I can’t take that. I care about what people think of me. I get love because I give love.

You are not so strict with your kids – why’s that?

When love comes from a mother it’s different than when it comes from a male. We bring masculinity dominance, aggression and fear. Mother brings love and passion and understanding. So that’s why I’d rather leave it to the mother. I’ll come home and be: “Hey what the fuck is y’all doing.” While a mother is like: “Hey you guys.” This is what I think works with raising children and why I stay calm and lenient. I just bring the good to my kids and I’m nice to them. At the same time they respect me and they respect us and do good at schools. I want them to take what I’ve taught them and do good in their lives.

What are your luxuries in life?
I’ve never been moved by jewellery, gold, cars and mansions. I like beaten up broken old Cadillac’s that I can make shiny and new again. I don’t need a spa in the living room and an elevator in the house. My luxury is greenery.

How do you like to relax?


Will you ever work with David Beckham?
I want him to put up the money for this movie we want to do. We like the same type of movie and he said well I don’t wanna act and I was like well you don’t have to act why don’t you just finance and shit. It would be very prosperous for both families.

Have you tried to get Becks to rap?

Who David? I don’t think so!