Peaches Geldof

Posted by Dean Piper On December 1st, 2008


Just three months after her wedding to musician Max Drummey, speculation is already mounting that Peaches Geldof’s marriage is on the rocks.
But when Closer catches up with Peaches at the launch of her new fashion range for PPQ in London last week, it seems things couldn’t be better.
The 19-year-old, who now calls New York home, sits down after getting off a long-haul flight from the Big Apple and says: “It’s so nice living in New York and having my life back. The paparazzi and everything was hard in London – but of course I miss my friends and family hugely. I’m having fun because I’m finally relaxed and get to do my wifely duties and hang out with my husband. He’s recording a new album so I’m with him there.”
But Peaches won’t be drawn further into talking about married life. She’s here to talk fashion and style after launching her debut fashion range for PPQ.
She tells Closer she loved the design process for her range of clothes and is “really proud” of it.
“I’m not interested in just lending my name to a sh*t brand. I would do lots of sketches that would develop into real products. I was involved in the process right down to the stitching used and the label looks.”
And while she hopes to one day launch her own fashion range, she admits she’d be wary of using her own name through fear of being judged. Her comments came just days after Kelly Osbourne publicly branded her a “sad, lost little girl” for her quickie wedding.
Peaches laughs off the comments saying: “I’ve wanted to be involved in the fashion world for a long time,” she says. “If I had a label it certainly wouldn’t be called Peaches. I don’t think I’d want anyone to know the association so that I could be judged purely on my designs. It’s hard dealing with the fact that people have a preconceived image of what I’m capable of.”
But she admits she’d love to have a go styling some of the UK’s most well-known celebs, including Kerry Katona and Jordan. “I love Kerry Katona so much. I’ve never met her and her show was my favourite show on TV. I mean, she’s such a train wreck but she’s amazing. Maybe a dress made of Iceland bags,” she jokes. And for Jordan she’d like her to dress like Victoria Beckham.
“Now she’s had her big boobs taken out she should try and do a Victoria Beckham thing where she’s always impeccable with the pencil skirts and blouses and slick outfits.”
Surprisingly, Peaches reveals that unlike most high maintenance celebs, she doesn’t bother with much of a beauty regime.
She says: “My beauty regime is ridiculous. I use a bar of soap and don’t wax my eyebrows. But I spend a lot of money on hair extensions. I have them done every two months. I’m so low maintenance.”

Peaches for PPQ collection is available to buy now online at