Mel B

Posted by Dean Piper On January 7th, 2009


Mel B: “Sex and bacon butties keep me totally fit!”

Sell: Spice Girl Mel B talks to Closer’s Dean Piper on the set of her new fitness video in Los Angeles about keeping fit, cellulite and being the new Cindy Crawford!

With curves in all the right places and a washboard stomach to die for mum-of-two Mel B is the envy of many women’s eye. But now the Spice Girl has decided to share all of her secrets to the perfect body with the world in her debut fitness video – Get “Totally Fit” With Mel B.
Mel, 33, booms in her harsh Leeds accent: “I’ve always been into being really healthy and working out, and there was a whole big like ‘oh wow look at her body, she’s had two kids’ from when I was on the beach in Miami and I didn’t even realise it had resonated like that. I want to share my secrets now for everyone to hopefully follow and learn from.”
But Scary Spice isn’t going down the usual avenue of making a simple to follow video for one and all. She hopes people ‘already fit’ will pick up a copy of the DVD too. “It is hardcore but everyone will be able to do it because I know I started from somewhere after giving birth to my second daughter Angel,” she explains. “When I had Angel I didn’t do anything for 9 months. I didn’t work out the most I did was stroll on the beach so my fitness level went from zero to what it is now so I know that this video is able to build it up gently so that’s why I say for the beginners do this stretch for the advanced to this crazy arsed stretch.”
Mel managed to keep an open mind about fitness videos and admits she’s never watched another fitness video in her life. She says: “I don’t feel anything like Cindy Crawford or any of the others because I have fun with this. To me what I’ve done in the DVD makes sense – and I’m not educated when it comes to triceps and biceps. All I know is what it feels like so I can relay that and that’s half the problem with a lot of these fitness videos – they are too technical so for the average person they don’t understand what they are doing. Mine’s simpler than all of them and the results are plain to see.”
Unlike other celebrities that continually pick out bad aspects about there body, Mel has a glass half full attitude to everything in her life.
Asked what her worst body part is she pulls a face like somebody farted and barks: “What? I don’t have a worst body part. I like my body, all of it. I’ve only got one body. Fuck, if I don’t like it then I’m screwed! I own this body and I like it. Everyone should.”
She deems her curvaceous bottom as her best body part and flies the flag for women with some shape to them. “My body’s always been curvy,” she explains. “I make sure it stays curvy. I think curvy is so much healthier and it’s more realistic. Unless you are naturally thin then who wants to be stick thin. As far as I’m concerned you need to balance everything.”
And balancing her diet means Mel, who’s married to film producer Stephen Belafonte, allows herself the odd treat. She says: “I listen to my body and if I wanna have a burger or a bacon buttie then I do. Actually I don’t like burgers – but I like hot dogs! I’m quite lucky actually because my body craves salmon and tuna. Good healthy food is like fuel to me. Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore!”
Unlike the rest of us Mel doesn’t struggle at all at Christmas time with piling on the pounds. She giggles: “Christmas is always a struggle because I don’t binge like I should! I don’t like mince pies, I don’t like Christmas pudding but I do like Victoria sponge cake. Can you ever have Victoria sponge cake for Christmas? I do anyway. My favourite’s the classic sweet lady Jane cake. It’s the best cake ever – see I love eating cake.”


As well as working out, Mel keeps fit with a healthy sex life with her husband. She erupts into laughter and says: “You burn so many calories doing that! And it’s like an all over body workout so of course I work out, I work out and work out! I have a very healthy life in that department!”
Being a mother is clearly at the heart of every decision she makes in her life. She prepares Angel’s food each morning – and even during the Closer interview she unveils a Tupperware box with mashed up steamed salmon, potato, spinach and vegetables with a dollop of gravy on top. Mel continues: “People have to understand what healthy is. You can have chicken, mashed potato, vegetables and gravy and that’s healthy – that’s a normal meal for me out here in Los Angeles. I think people get confused that healthy is a bit of lettuce with nothing on it – and that’s not healthy. If you want to go down the salad route then get a nice dressing. I love dressing. If your gonna have a salad then put turkey in it and use balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice at least. You have to sex up a salad. Also, make sure you drink a load of water – I never used to and it’s so important to flush the bad toxins out of your body. If noticed a huge change since I started drinking more.”
It’s clear from talking to Mel that anybody wanting to achieve results is going to have to work hard – but she believes everyone can get results from her DVD. “I’ve got cellulite like everyone else,” she smiles. “95 per cent of women do for crying out loud. Big deal. But I believe everyone can change their body for the better. I’m an addict to that ‘burn’ feeling and will always do 200 sit ups a night in four minutes. That’s just me. We can all improve the way we live – and this DVD is and honest account of how I do my thing and the results I have achieved. Now it’s your turn!”