Luke Goss

Posted by Dean Piper On August 5th, 2008

With his cropped blonde hair, chiselled features and infamous bottle top shoes, Luke Goss, along with twin brother Matt shot to instant stardom and became a teen pin-up, as part of 80s pop sensation Bros.
But after the band, which sold a staggering 13 hit singles in its heyday, called it a day in 1992 after five years together, former drummer Luke moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream to be an actor.
But unlike many former pop stars to try their hand at acting, the 39-year-old, has paved a successful career in LA, appearing in a string of action films alongside Hollywood heavyweights such as Wesley Snipes, Michael Madsen and Peter O’Toole.

And when Luke arrives in the plush Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, he looks like an immaculately groomed Hollywood actor – right down to his shiny nails. When asked if he has them buffed, he laughs. “I honestly don’t, that’s just not me. I don’t consider myself a metrosexual man either.
“A straight guy can take care of himself just the same as any other guy – I do love a good massage though. I do drink superfood smoothies. I like supplements and all that but I wouldn’t have surgery. I also drink shit loads of water, that helps combat the shit loads of vodka I drink.”

And despite the craziness of his earlier rock’n’roll lifestyle of booze, parties and drugs, his marriage to Shirley Lewis has remained strong. The couple married in 1994, a few years after meeting when she worked as a backing singer for his band, and Shirley, 47, is still singing for George Michael. “It’s amazing to think I’ve been in the same relationship for over 20 years,” Luke smiles. “I adore Shirley – I spoke to her today. She’s in London with George [Michael]. She’s one of the kindest people I know and kindness in a woman is 100% necessary for me to think someone is beautiful. She’s also a good-looking girl so it’s a great combination!!”
In January 2007, the couple moved permanently to LA in January 2007,
While they’ve never had any children of their own, Luke loves being a step dad to Shirley’s daughter Carli Wheatley, 25, who’s a personal trainer and lives in London.
“Don’t get me wrong I’d love a child but I don’t – I have a step-daughter instead who’s also beautiful. She’s a very powerful and strong young lady. I wouldn’t say no to one of my own – of course I would love a child. I would love a little girl, it would be cool to be superman to my baby!”
And Luke’s pleased to have his twin and Bros lead singer Matt living just up the road in Hollywood with TV presenter girlfriend, Daisy Fuentes. Luke says: “It’s great to have him just around the corner in Los Angeles. Matt is working on more solo music stuff right now, and him and Daisy are a great couple.”

Since the demise of Bros in 1992 Luke has stepped away from his music roots to focus on acting. And Luke’s well on the way to becoming a Hollywood heavyweight with films like Blade 2, gangster film Charlie, One Night With The King opposite Peter O’Toole and Deep Winter with Michael Madsen.
His latest action film, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, spent three weeks at the top of the US box office and is just about to wow the fans when it’s released in the UK in the coming weeks. But in the US the media and fans don’t know a thing about his boyband days. They don’t realise that by the time he was 20 years old he’d played Wembley Stadium, won a Brit Award and sold out Arenas all across the world. “When I do interviews they only know me as a film actor,” he smiles. “Then when they do find out, they give me shit in a funny way. I’m looking forward to the day when, say ten more movies from now when people say; I really like his film choices and he’s a good actor.”

And the one role he’d absolutely love to play is James Bond. Luke says: “I wish. Obviously in a boyish, childish way I would love to be Bond. People have said it before. And I have the blue eyes like Daniel Craig so there’s a start!
“I’d also love to do some sort of buddy action movie with Bruce Willis and on a dramatic level I would love to work with Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman.”
Luke has also embraced the Hollywood obsession for healthy living. “I hike three or four times a week, for about three hours each time and that’s about 8 miles. You go uphill – about 2750 ft into the hills. My legs literally scream in pain when I go out to hike.
“I go down to the ocean too for a run from time to time. It’s very healthy out here.”

So would he ever consider a Bros comeback? “To be honest with you my biggest concern is that no-one would want to go if we reformed!”
“It would have to be a big deal, I wouldn’t want to do a little gig somewhere – it would have to be a big gig and then some other cool acts opening. And then people would pay a lot of money and have a great day. But, I’ve only really considered it when we had an offer and the offer wasn’t right. That was about six months ago I guess.”
Right now his life is calm and he’s in the best place he’s ever been in. And if his film career in Hollywood ended tomorrow then he knows exactly what he would do. “If I reached a point in my life in maybe 10 years from now when I wasn’t making millions I’d go and sell oranges and grow olives in Greece,” he says like he’s spent ages thinking about it. “I’d shag a lot, eat loads of olives, drink wine and sleep.”

Luke Goss stars in Hellboy II: The Golden Army – in cinemas in the UK from August 22.