Kelly Osbourne

Posted by Dean Piper On June 30th, 2008


Kelly Osbourne: “I’m in love…and for once my family approves!”

In the past it’s fair to say Kelly Osbourne may have been famous for all the wrong reasons. There was the endless partying, the stint in rehab and being branded a spoilt brat due to her outspoken nature.
But chatting to Kelly now, she seems a changed woman. In real life she’s surprisingly slim, she’s humble about her achievements… and totally in love.
“I hate to say it,” she admits, “but I think I’ve grown up. The last year I really feel like I’ve got my act together. I’m busy, have loads of work on, I’m not partying and I’ve met a man who I adore.”
For the past few months Kelly, 23, has been dating 18-year-old English male model Luke Worrell, who lives in London. And whereas Kelly’s previous boyfriends haven’t found favour with her parents and brother Jack, Luke’s passed the Oz test with flying colours. “It’s refreshing this time around because all the family like him!” she says laughing out loud. “I’ve cracked it! We are such a normal couple and stay at home and laugh with each other watching TV of an evening. I don’t think it’s fun any more to go out every night.
“And we are not a celebrity couple so there won’t be any ‘at home with’ bullshit or anything like that with cheesy pictures of our house. I hate all that crap. I’ve known Luke for a year and we’ve just grown into being a couple. So it’s nice, new and exciting.”
Kelly, whose weight has fluctuated over the years, is keen to talk about the ‘secret’ behind her svelte figure of late but she insists there’s been no fad diet. “I just think everything has started to fall into place with my weight,” she explains. “I yo-yo’d for years but things are a lot more stable now. Of course I have thin and fat days but there are more important things to worry about.
“I’m not eating particularly healthily. I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t eat when I’m not. My brother Jack told me recently that he learnt a good technique when he started to lose his weight. He was taught that you need to eat slowly because you don’t feel full for about 20 minutes. So if you eat slower you don’t need as much. Diets really don’t work. And there’s no point in dieting and then shoving down a load of shit food and putting it back on again. In order to be a happy person you have to make a life change – not just some fad diet. ”
But there is one junk food that Kelly has rediscovered – Jammie Dodger biscuits. Her cousin Terry Langdon revealed in 2006 that the biscuits were one of the causes of Kelly’s weight gain. At the time he said: “There was never just one packet in her dressing room – they left a case. We knew better than to come between her and her Jammie Dodgers.”
She giggles: “I’ve rediscovered the Jammie Dodgers lately. I’d been off them for ages and then someone offered me some the other day and I realised how much I love them.
“I don’t actually eat a lot of rubbish though. I eat vegetables and fruit by choice. If I opened a fridge and there were green beans, crisps, French fries or chocolate then I would probably go for the beans.”
A typical day’s diet for Kelly is scrambled eggs sandwich or granola and yogurt for breakfast, lunch is soup, salad or sandwich. But dinner could be anything from McDonalds to a healthy plate of chicken and grilled veg.
But Kelly’s going to have to get used to fast food for three days at the end of the week when she heads to the Glastonbury Festival to report for Orange on her adventures around the camp sites. There she will record her travels and people will be able to watch her video diary online. One thing she won’t be doing though is camping in the mud. “The idea of walking around in a load of gunge isn’t very appealing to me,” she says. “What’s really good is I’m staying in the RV world (Dean checking what this is) and you have these huts and a shower. There’s no way I’m slumming it! I have to shower. I can’t go three days without a shower. Are you mad? Why would people want to pay to get covered in mud and not be able to wash it off? “
And after the festival Kelly’s looking forward to seeing more of her family after mum Sharon, 55, dramatically quit hit TV show The X Factor. It will be the first summer in around 20 years that the pair can spend proper time together. “When my mum was on the X-Factor if I wanted to see her I had to go to work with her and I didn’t want to go with her. I’m happy if my mum’s happy and she truly is happy to have gone from the show. Whether you love my mum or you don’t, she’s irreplaceable on that show.”
But Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole was also Kelly’s first choice for stepping into Sharon’s shoes. “I always wanted Cheryl to replace my mum,” she adds. “They are never going to find another Sharon Osbourne but Cheryl’s good. She’s talented, young and beautiful and she’s been there and done it with the Popstars show. She’s likeable too and will do well.”
Kelly, who recently picked up a Woman of the Year award for her appearance in the West End in Chicago, won’t be drawn on whether her mum left because of her catty in-fighting with fellow panellist Dannii Minogue. She says: “I honestly don’t know how it all went down with her leaving – but I do know that my mum has been working non stop for 20 years of my life and this year she’s not and it’s great. She can sit by a pool and read a book instead of having to go to work.
“I don’t think Dannii had that much to do with it at the end – it was a life decision. I’m not going to sit here and slag off Dannii. I’ve read the rumours and personally it felt their spat was more like a publicity attempt to make the show more popular – and it worked. And anyway, my mother left it on a high – they will never find another Leona Lewis.”
Kelly also announces she’d love to do another series of The Osbournes – the show that catapulted the family into the A-List and made Kelly a household name. “If you’d have asked me that question a year ago I probably would have said no – but now I’d love to do another series of it,” she confides. “It would be so good to see us now – and where we are all at. I was 15 when I started the show and I’m 24 this year.
“I wouldn’t let them film in my house though – it would be at my mum and dads. I wouldn’t want boyfriends or anything in it.”
But one thing Kelly is adamant about – she says she’ll never become a ‘brand’. “Do you realise how many times I could have released a clothes line or some stinky perfume?” she says in disgust. “It’s ridiculous. What’s the point in that? It’s just a way to earn a quick buck now for celebrities. A contract came in the other day for me and mum to release a scent for a ‘mother and daughter’. They offered a six-figure sum for us to do it. We told them to f**k off immediately.”
So now Kelly is concentrating on her real work. She has her surgery show on Radio One on Sunday evenings where she talks about youth issues and acts as an Agony Aunt to listeners. She is considering more West End stage roles following the success of her role as Mamma Morton is hit musical Chicago last year. The last thing Kelly wants is to return to her party girl roots. She says: “The whole London social scene has finished for me at the moment. Mind you, I never say never because I might go out next week and get sloshed and be in your magazine! At the end of the day I’m not falling out of clubs every night like lots of celebrity girls my age. I wouldn’t be a functional human being if I was. I was going out a lot and I was drinking lots and it wasn’t attractive. The future’s bright for me and I’m not going to f**k it up.”

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