John Barrowman

Posted by Dean Piper On April 14th, 2009

John: “Scott and I want kids this year!”

Torchwood star John Barrowman, 42, talks ageing, putting on weight and why he thinks everyone should lay off Madonna right now!

Hi John, tell me about your new show.
It’s called Tonight’s The Night and it’s a show about making people’s wishes and dreams come true. We’re not just putting people in a West End show – we’re giving them some training and giving them a chance. It’s about people that can actually perform. I’m very happy with the end result.

You must have been offered every reality show going?

Well I only ever want to be involved in reality shows where it involves some sort of talent. I did Dancing On Ice because of that and I would love to be on I’m A Celebrity. It’s such a good show that’s about challenges and overcoming fears.

What’s your grooming regime like?
I’m surprisingly easy to look after. I don’t have facials or waxing or anything. My regime is simple. I get up, do the business, I get into the show – I wash my face and body with Imperial Leather, I wash my hair with Aussie or Herbal Essences and when I’m out the shower I wet shave and then I splash cold water on my face and use a really cheap moisturiser without any junk in it and that’s me done! The most expensive product I have is my hair wax – it’s £15. I’m all for 3 for 2 deals! A bargain’s a bargain!

Are you worried about ageing?

I don’t tend to think about it. To be honest, I’m 42 but inside I felt like I’m 20. My parents who are in their mid 70s are exactly the same. At the end of the day if it becomes an issue then there’s a lot of botox and surgery that I can get!

How do you look after your body?

I’ve put on a lot of weight in the last few months (won’t reveal how much) because I’ve been working hard and not able to hit the gym! I’ve been eating crap and coming home at 7pm totally knackered and eating a bag of crisps and having a vodka tonic.

How have you managed to shift the pounds then?

When I was in panto at the start of the year I started working out a little – but I have love handles and I’m not worried about getting rid of them! I have no problem with love handles. Men don’t have to be thin – I mean it’s the same with women, the size zero thing is so over. I think men should have love handles.

Are panel judging shows over – there’s so many of them?

No, I think as long as a show’s based on talent then you are OK. They are talent based and you find great talent on them. I think the BBC looks after the winner’s of their shows more. We’re not just there to make a quick buck out of the youngsters. Even the phone in charges makes money for a theatre bursary. It’s nice to see a star made for the West End.

Do you want to do Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s next show – searching for Dorothy and Toto for the Wizard of Oz?
I would jump at the chance to be involved again. Are you kidding? It’s the biggest Nancy looking for a Dorothy!

Do you and your husband Scott Gill still want kids?
We really do. I’m extremely broody and emotional right now. I’m desperate to be a dad. I went to see Jason Donovan in Priscilla the other night and was in floods of tears when he’s playing the role of the father with his son. I think this year will be the year we’re going to look into making something happen. We’re trying to work out whether it’s an adoption route or something else.

If you could steal any celebrity body part for your own body?
I’m happy with my own body parts – but I’d love Zac Efron’s waist. It’s pretty amazing. At my age it’s hard to have a waist like that!

What’s your grubbiest habit?
There’s two answers. When I drive I pick my nose and don’t even know that I’m doing it. It’s not a right in there pick – it’s just like a tickle. Does that count?

OK, the other one is if I’m not working for four or five days and I’m relaxing then I will sometimes not shower for that amount of time.

That’s gross – how can you live with yourself? You must stink.
OK, maybe I was a little dramatic. I do shower but not wash my hair or anything. I hate shaving. For Doctor Who and Torchwood I’d sometimes have to shave twice a day! I’m not allowed stubble. So when I’m off I like to rebel.

Is Madonna dressing too young?

No. She should dress how she wants. She looks hot. As long as it’s not a child celebrity dressing with their nether regions on display then it’s fine. She has the right to do whatever she wants.

What did you think of Jesus – her boyfriend?
Well, erm, I guess everybody need a little Brazil in their life.

What about Victoria Beckham – do you like her style?

I’m so intrigued by her. She must spend so long organising her life around what she wears. I’d love to know who lays out her clothes in the morning and if behind closed doors there’s a team of people make Victoria transform into ‘Posh’. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Beckham’s house

Would you ever go blonde for a role again?

Well I did for the film The Producers and all I’ll say is blondes definitely have a lot more fun!

Have you ever sent a naughty picture of yourself to Scott on your phone?
I haven’t! But I did have an embarrassing incident recently when I sent some clothes to a charity shop. One of the trousers had my name and phone number on a dry cleaners tag on it and they ended up on eBay and I had loads of people calling and ended up having to change my number! That was scary!

John Barrowman, Tonight’s The Night, BBC ONE, 18th April