Posted by Dean Piper On April 18th, 2008


Hey Estelle, you’ve got to Number one in the UK with American Boy – are you worried about failing to crack America?
Failure in the US is not an option – I don’t feel any pressure about it. It’s not a great weight on my shoulders. I’m confident it will fly out here we have Kanye West and John Legend on the album! You’ve seen me get this far after 10 years in the industry. My whole career in the music business doesn’t depend on whether I crack a territory so I’m not phased. I’m not going anywhere whether it flops or flies.

Were you starstruck working with any of the big stars on the album?

I haven’t had time to be starstruck working with all these people. I had to go in and do what I had to do recording the album. I didn’t have time to go in there and be affected by any of the people I worked with.

You are now based in New York – are you lonely?
I’ve missed my family like mad and they all know that it’s the future I’m working for. I’m on Skype with my mum all the time thanks to my Blackberry. I haven’t got too lonely out here – there’s a whole Brit crowd that I’m always hanging out with.

Leona Lewis has broken America – is she your competition?
I’m so proud of Leona and Natasha Bedingfield and their success in America. It’s a big pool with female singers and I’m not competing with anyone. It’s bloody hard work being a solo female singer. That’s how it is. And Leona’s proved it’s possible to reach the top. We all hang out and we are friends. It’s not like we are hanging out for the cameras. We are all close.

If you hadn’t found success – would you have entered the X-factor like Leona Lewis?
I wouldn’t have gone on a show like that. To start with nobody makes any money from that. It goes to the bigwigs. So it’s hardly worth it – unless you are Leona. The type of artist I am I have to do what I do – and it doesn’t involve going on a reality show. I would have got thrown off of X-Factor early on because of my mouth. Simon would have been: “Get out.” We would have had huge arguments.

With your record you are going to make lots of money – how exciting is that?
I’m looking forward to making some good money now. It’s very different being signed to a US label – they want you to succeed and be a success and reap the rewards. Whether it’s clothes, products or new teeth! I’ve been offered new teeth too – a company wanted to put veneers on me but I have great teeth so I said no. I haven’t even had them whitened – shock horror I just brush my teeth! Ha ha. A toothbrush does the job.

Do you have a personal fitness trainer now?
I got a trainer for about two weeks because I started dropping loads of weight. All I needed was toning up – I didn’t need to lose weight so I starting getting muscly and looked like a boy with a mop head so I stopped.

If you got fat and were told by your label to diet – what would you do?
If the record company ever asked me to lose weight I would flip. They know not to even broach that kind of conversation. If anything I need more booty! They can say all they want – I won’t listen when it comes to weight etc.

What’s your biggest diva demand?
I do funny ones on purpose – I ask for this Red Velvet cake everywhere I go and you can’t get it apart from in America. I do it for a laugh and some people break into a sweat! It makes me laugh. I do have the diva bone in my body – anyone hanging around with me 24/7 might say I’m a bit of a cow but I’m not really! I’m quite assertive about what I want and that can be taken the wrong way. I think Mariah should demand whatever she wants – if I’d sold 160 million records then I’d do the same. Why not? You just would. I think when I’ve sold 60 or 80 millions I will ask for a pig that’s white and I need it fly and I’ll be like: “And I need it in my dressing room NOW!”
I don’t call my fans lambies like Mariah does though – that’s just ‘special’.

Mariah has been criticised for miming of late – thoughts?
I’ve only mimed once – and it was just after I went number one with American Boy. I went out all night and got completely trashed and came in and had to do GMTV. When I drink I cannot sing the next morning. My throat closes up. Luckily my TV person had a tape so I mimed so hard! My mum rang me after and said I sounded really good. I told her I’d mimed and she was stunned. She’d never seen me mime in her life. She told me off and told me never to do it again.

Celebs are taking stick nowadays for drugs, excessive partying and not wearing underwear! What is your take on this?
In the old days I think it was worse than it is now – they just did it behind closed doors. They were crazy. It was hidden. I think Amy Winehouse and Britney can clean themselves up and make an almighty comeback. I’m just the person I am and I’ve never gone down that route. I remember once being told my knicker line was showing through a dress and at the end of the day I’d rather have a knicker line showing that having my fanny out. There should not be winking!

Do you have a man in your life?
I don’t have a boyfriend! Honest! I have been practically celibate for the past two years apart from a couple of guys. And that’s it. Celibate!

Would you prefer a UK or an American boy?
I think I’d prefer a UK boy over an American boy – there’s more of a swagger about a UK boy. American boys talk too much. I’ve been single in my eyes for two years.

What about dating a footballer……you could be a good WAG!
WAGs are everywhere nowadays. It’s my idea of hell. My pal Jamelia’s no WAG though. She’d hate to be in that company! It must be so boring just going shopping and all that every day. I’m not like that – there’s only so much Gucci you can buy. And anyway I get it sent to me now! I don’t even have to leave the house.

Are you eating loads of junk food in the US?
No I’m not. It’s actually good for my diet being in America – because half the food out here sucks. They don’t have real chocolate to start with. They have weird junk food. So I don’t touch it. I’m healthier in America believe it or not. In the UK I can eat biscuits and chocs all day!

Estelle’s fantastic new album Shine is out now…..