Enrique Iglesias

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2009

In his music videos Enrique Iglesias looks like he takes himself far to seriously. He’s too pretty for his own good, is considered borderline cheesy at times when he flashes his smile and you wonder whether he could have any shred of personality in real life.

Thankfully Enrique, 30, is one star who doesn’t fail to disappoint in an interview. He’s like your cheeky younger brother and is continually cracking jokes and causing mischief. He’s also more than happy to make fun of himself and the conversation you have often ends running off into complete tangents. For example, I ask him about how he chooses which fan to bring up on stage and kiss when he’s performing on tour – his trademark move. He explains: “I pick the craziest person I can see. I mean, shit, I’ve even picked up guys on stage. I don’t have a problem. I did that in the GAY club with a guy. My manager said I didn’t have the balls to do it – but I did it in a heartbeat. I have a lot of gay friends. I’m the least homophobic person you’ll meet. If there’s any type of homophobia then it comes down to something you’re hiding. I’m surrounded by gay people now I think about it.”

He ponders and adds: “I do wonder whether people are actually born gay. Or whether they change. I mean, I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty when I was younger. I think every kid liked Hello Kitty. Didn’t they? Oh, and when I was 12 I used to go to the bathroom to stare at penises. Is that normal? I’m joking!” He erupts into hysterics, as do I.

Enrique’s far from gay in real life. He’s head over heels in love with his girlfriends of six years, tennis ace Anna Kournikova. The pair live in Miami and he couldn’t be happier. He’s quick to clear up the rumours that the pair are either engaged or getting married soon. But is he ready for marriage and kids? He replies: “Not right now. I mean, maybe one day but not yet. I’m not ready to be a father either. I mean, I think I’m still young. I guess I’ve hung out with my sister’s little boy but he wares you out after a few hours. And I like the fact I can hand him back.”

Anna seems to have a strong influence over his looks – she’s continually trying to get Enrique to use beauty products to hold back the signs of ageing. He laughs: “Anna buys me tubs of moisturiser shit sometimes. But I never use it and I get lazy. All these expensive ass creams. It’s funny because talk about rip off – she goes out and finds all these creams – and she buys them. We both hate getting sent shit for free – because you always then owe people a favour and that sucks. So we pay for our stuff. I’d prefer to pay and then not owe a favour.”

Enrique, the son of Spanish music legend Julio Iglesias, even admits that he doesn’t have a problem with her saucy men’s magazine photo shoots. “I don’t care when Anna does men’s mag shoots,” he says. “As long as it’s not Penthouse then I’m fine. I actually don’t care as long as it’s in a bikini and not naked. It has to be tasteful.”
Aside from Anna it seems he’s a little shy about his physique. He isn’t able to walk around his house naked – and prefers to wear boxer shorts, something that his housekeeper is happy of! “I’m not comfortable walking around naked,” he says. “I mean, I walk around my house in underwear but I sometimes feel my housekeeper gets embarrassed. She almost caught me taking a shit the other day. She walked into the bathroom and I was sitting down. Some people can pee or shit anywhere but I can’t. I’ve seen girls that pee in front of people and don’t care. I’ve seen them pull down their pants and pee in public in front of everyone and not even care.” He then flashes a cheeky smile like a schoolboy that’s just been naughty and says: “I can’t even pee in a public bathroom when there’s too many people around. I cannot take a shit in public at all. Never.”

At this point Enrique’s publicist holds her head in her hands, but the singer doesn’t stop there. He giggles: “It shocks me whenever you see a guy taking a shit in public and they are reading the paper like it’s the most normal thing in the world. I don’t know how they do it.
“I mean, have you ever had diarrhoea or a bad stomach and had to literally run to your house. I’ve had that. There are a couple of times that I couldn’t wait and had to go in public. I had diarrhoea on a flight once and that was the worst. When you need to go you need to go – that was so bad. You know, like there was shit coming out of your eyeballs. I’m talking about the type of shit where you are dying. Like, it’s coming out of every cavity in your body. That’s when you have a stomach issue.”

After finally managing to change the topic of conversation we start talking about health and fitness. The star, who’s sold over 60 million albums around the world, cites his feet as his best feature but his legs are far from perfect in his opinion. “I have chicken legs,” he says letting out a huff. “They look even skinnier because I’m 6ft 2ins. It’s funny because I used to wear leather pants that were really tight. And you need skinny legs to get away with leather pants. No matter what I do – I mean, I never worked out my legs. I can’t be bothered. If I get fat then I’m going to have a huge belly and these stupid chicken legs. I guess if I really tried hard then I could try and get them bigger – but maybe some people are made for chicken legs. I’m like that footballer Peter Crouch with my chicken legs.”

Fortunately Enrique’s upper body is muscular and makes up for the chicken legs. But he says he barely works out to keep the physique that has millions of women from all around the world quivering when he arrives on stage. “I have one of those gym work out stations in my house, he says. “But my friends always laugh because I do a few a few reps and then I stop. I’m lazy. I think because I grew up windsurfing and doing loads of sports outdoors I’ve been blessed somewhat. My family were always athletic. I do notice it right now when I don’t exercise at all on my belly so I worry about that.”

He does feel concerned about ageing though – despite his reluctance to slap on anti ageing creams. He says: “At 30 you feel older. It’s awkward. I mean, 40 has got to be tough. I haven’t thought about surgery yet. I think guys are luckier than women with ageing. We age better than women and that’s a given I think. There’s something about guys going under the knife on their face that looks a little weird. Especially around the eyes. I mean some people look good. Michael Douglas looks great with surgery. When women get those very LA arched eyebrows that I think things are weird.”

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