Posted by Dean Piper On December 8th, 2012

In a world of manufactured cheesy pop acts it’s refreshing to get to spend time with some bona fide true talent.
 And P!nk didn’t fail to disappoint when I sat down with her this week at her the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge.

She’s outspoken, frighteningly honest and you can ask her anything you want and you’ll always get an answer. Especially surprising considering she’s currently one of the biggest music stars in the world, most recently topping the charts with her sixth album The Truth About Love.

She flops herself down on the couch next to me and comes right up into my face and says: “How’s this? Intimidated yet?”

“Erm, no.” I reply as she slurps on a cup of tea and questions “why the hell do grapes have to have seeds”.

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, is fun with a big F and she has the dirtiest laugh going.  Tiny in real life, we spend much of our time discussing food, exercise and just how she got her body back in shape after giving birth to first daughter Willow 18 months ago.

“I put on 60 lbs and I was huge,” she snorts. “But using Bio Oil means I haven’t got one stretch mark. I used to eat entire buckets of chicken wings and once I ate an entire cheesecake in one sitting. It was really fun being pregnant and I do want more kids at some point. But I ain’t going that big next time. It hurts to be that big.

“I’m terrible when it comes to food too. I’m the kind of girl who says she’s not going to eat bread and then I eat an entire loaf. Like some old chuffer.

“I remember when Britney, Beyonce and I did the Pepsi commercial years ago and they were so disciplined. Beyonce is like a God. Her discipline is top notch and we were all eating dinner and she said she was trying to lose three pounds for the shoot so she forgo all the good yummy s**t which then made it’s way down to me and I ate the lot. I gained the three pounds.

“Oh I want to point out I had to work to get my body back in shape. Trust me. I’m not the snap back kind. I eat far too much cheesecake for that to be the case.”

So if she eats like she does then how does she manage to stay so ripped and Pink-like? A lot of gym work is the key.

“I have to work out a lot,” the 33-year-old star says. “That’s the only way to do it. All the stuff I do is core based work out. All the acrobatics, all the silks and stunts I do on tour mean I need to be strong.

“If you want sick abs you need to hang upside down by your feet and do sit ups. You have to. And you can’t cut corners. And for me it was huge because I had an emergency C-section so they cut your stomach muscles. You’re 
screwed. I couldn’t even sit up on my own for like two and a half months and that scared the begeezers out of me. I do an hour and a half a day for five days a week plus all my rehearsals on top of that.”

P!nk said she felt sorry for the Duchess of Cambridge when news of her morning sickness and pregnancy broke this week – but revealed her own pregnancy was traumatizing for another reason. “I didn’t have any morning sickness at all – I just had genuine rage throughout my pregnancy,” she explained. “Not just a little bit. I’m talking 28 Days Later rage. Demonic eyes and I wanted to kill everybody. I remember the first time my husband Carey pissed me off during my pregnancy and I bit his head off…his eyes glazed over he was so scared. He realised this is how it was and he better
not say another f***ing word. I wasn’t pukey – I was just angry. I was having fights in supermarkets and telling people to p**s off all the time. I completely understand why people can be scared of me. But underneath all that rage I’m a petite tulip.”

The star goes straight into rehearsals for her next world tour when she returns to the States after her appearance at this weekend’s headline appearance at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 in London. 
In previous tours the former gymnast has pushed the boundaries of live performance with acrobatic stunts and Cirque Du Soleil style efforts. It must be touch and go to get herself insured on the road. She reveals she has to personally visit her insurance office and tell them every possible scenario of things that can go wrong – and exactly why she won’t kill herself in the process.

P!nk says: “I have no idea how I get insured. I have to show them option A, B and C – in any given situation. I need to show that I won’t die. So it’s a case of me saying if this rope fails me then I can jump onto that rope and I won’t kill myself. Literally. You need to show them you have an exit plan at all times. I always try my hardest not to die.

“I’m going to go bigger and better on the next tour. People are telling me to shoot myself out of a cannon. At this point that’s all I can do really. Another idea I had was to shoot myself out of a cannon in a Velcro suit and Carey goes off a ramp on his bike (he’s a motocross motorcycle racer) in Velcro and we meet in the middle.”

If her appearance at the recent American Music Awards is anything to go by then the tour promises to be unreal.
The singer, who married hubby Carey in 2006, performed an artistic gymnastic dance routine as she does in the Try video with all live vocals.
 There were so many things that could go wrong – bit thankfully it went without a hitch.
 She explains: “That was a performance that made me nervous. That wasn’t a, ‘oh f*** I hope they like me nervous’ that was a, ‘I hope I don’t fall, smash my head open and my brains come out’ nervous. It was insane. There were probably 50 or 60 things that could go wrong with that.

“Those are the nerves that I love. It’s like when I tour with the silks, the bungees and all the s**t that I do. I love pushing myself. It’s a very motivating nerve. You have to stay in the game like an athlete. It’s really exciting having that much that can go wrong.”

Finally we spoke about her 20 plus tattoos and whether or not she regrets any of them. She’s tried removing one tattoo behind her left ear – but couldn’t handle the pain of laser removal.
 “Those lasers hurt like a bitch,” she said. “I did one session and walked out. My friend was like it doesn’t hurt too much and I was like, ‘you are a f***ing liar’. It was awful. It was ten times worse than the actual tattoo.

“I’m fine knowing I’m going to be 80 with all these tattoos. They’re all really meaningful. I don’t love tattoos – but I honestly forget that I have them.
 Then I see a picture of me and think yes I do look kinda trashy.
“I love wearing a classy gown with tattoos. Clippers and a gown and I’m happy. People on the red carpet are funny because you can see them thinking: “Wow, that WAS a pretty gown.”

P!nk is one of a kind. And it was a genuine thrill to chat, and laugh, with her.

P!nk’s album The Truth About Love is out now and she tours the UK in April.

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