Geri Halliwell: “I’d jump at touring again with the Spice Girls!”

Posted by Dean Piper On October 6th, 2012

Geri Halliwell says she’s up for a second Spice Girls Reunion world tour. The artist formerly known as Ginger revealed: “The door isn’t shut and I love singing with the girls.
“We could do a world tour tomorrow and I would absolutely love to do that. I would absolutely do that. It would be amazing because we have the best time when we’re on stage together.
“They’re great girls and we’re all getting on so well these days. We’ve been through so much to be honest. The thought of touring with them would be a delight. We love the music, the performing and we would get to hang.”
Geri debuted her single Phenomenal Woman this week at the Breast Cancer Care benefit event. She’s worked hard on her voice thanks to vocal training with David Grant and she was far stronger on her vocal.
But any sign of a release date for new material seems to be in the very distant future. She’s still yet to bag herself a new record deal. But I’m assured there are offers on the table.
She also said there’s a very good chance the Spice Girls will sing together for an encore of Wannabe on December 11 for the opening night of Viva Forever the musical. “The door is definitely ajar these days for performing again,” she revealed. “In the past it was probably closed. But nowadays I’ll never say never.”
Meanwhile, I hear Geri’s a dab hand at clay pigeon shooting and has spent time at Highclere Castle throughout the summer shooting away. Get her.

Picture: Sam Hussein

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