Example goes on a BLENDER!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 18th, 2012

There was a time that Example would be the last at the party – wasted and bordering being out of control.

But he’s confessed his days of drink, drugs and debauchery are over partly due to his stunning Australian model girlfriend Erin McNaught.

Sitting down with me this week Example – real name Elliot Gleave – confessed: “I was a minor wannabe rock and roll d**k head for a few years and now I’m happy, wanting to get married and keeping healthy.

“Erin hasn’t changed me but she’s made realise who I am again. Elliot before music was quite a nice person, Elliot after a few number one hits was an egotistical t**t with a couple of minor soft controllable addictions and now I’m much better again.

“I can’t help it right now. I’m happy. I’ve got a really lovely girlfriend who is incredible and I hope to get married and have children. I’m not doing drugs and alcohol every week. I’ve grown up and it feels bloody good.”

The star, 30, who releases new single Say Nothing this week, says he’s changed his entire outlook on life to stay fit and healthy – he’s even shocked himself with his smoothie making and super food diet and aspires to be as healthy as MADONNA.

“I used to read stories on Madonna and how she had her own nutritionist, her own masseuse and her own personal trainer and think she was an idiot,” he laughed. “But the summer took it out of me. I did 48 gigs and 68 flights in two months. However hard you think you can work – you can’t. There’s a limit. I’m not going macrobiotic and I don’t want to be as muscly as Madonna but you get the picture. You need to look after yourself.

“I’m having ten hours sleep every night. I’ve got a f***ing blender and I’m making power smoothies. I mean, what the f**k. A blender has changed my life. All I do is eat super food salads with legumes. Before I was like what the f**k are legumes? Now I’m eating them and loving it.

“I’ll be bringing out a f**king yoga DVD next.”

But with happiness comes genuine fear – he worries he won’t be able to write chartopping hits now that he’s found so much happiness in his life.

“I’m so boring – all I talk about is home improvements,” he says. “I love Homes Under the Hammer now. I’ve realised the next album could be the last time I write melancholic depressing pop anthems with interesting melodies and lyrics.

“My next album might be the most boring album ever. I’ve always written my best songs when I’ve been paranoid and depressed and in a bad way. And I’m not now. Chris Martin seems pretty f***ing happy and he writes sad songs – so maybe I’ll go and get tips on him. He probably has a blender too.”

Sure he does!

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