50 Cent Talks Robert De Niro and dieting for new role in ‘Freelancers’

Posted by Dean Piper On July 14th, 2012

Rappers and diets sit together like Posh Spice and Primark.
But when a role in the new Robert Di Nero film Freelancers came calling 50 Cent tried to whip his booty into shape by jumping on the Beyonce maple syrup bandwagon.
The Cayenne Pepper Diet became THE fad diet after it helped Bey shift the bounds for Dreamgirls. But sadly for Fiddy it failed to make his curves as svelte…
“ I did a lot of things for to get my part in Freelancers,” he laughed at the launch of his SMS Audio by 50 Cent on O2 headphone range. “I had to lose 60 pounds so I was literally on liquids for nine weeks.
“I started with the Cayenne Pepper Diet but it didn’t work for me as that’s, like, for women! It’s not for humans!
“This movie is one of the best things I’ve been involved with. The talent involved is top notch and it humbles you.
“Robert’s become a great friend and it’s great to know people like him believe in me – I even persuaded him to do a shoot with me for the cover of VIBE magazine.”

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