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Posted by Dean Piper On June 24th, 2012

Lisa Stansfield (above with Jodie Harsh and me) is finally making her way back from the wilderness and preparing to make her musical comeback.
Lisa, who rose to fame after her hit All Around The World became a global chart hit, came out of virtual hiding to party with me at my third year column anniversary party.
And the Brit Award Winner is ready to get back to what she does best – producing chart topping music!
The star, who’s sold over 20 million albums worldwide, revealed: “It’s been a very long time. I’ve been busy doing things behind the scenes but I can confirm I’m finally back in the studio.
“The time feels right now. I’ve been offered ever shit celebrity reality show going and I would never do that – what’s the point.
“I’m a singer and I’m ready to get back to doing my thing. I guess you just hope that’s there’s a demand still. I’m wanting to do an album that will make a real statement. It’s time for a return.”
I couldn’t agree more! Remember all those hits – People Hold On, All Woman, Someday (I’m Coming Back), In All The Right Places and The Real Thing.
Lisa told me she’s heading into the studio over the next few months and the plan is to have an album out in Spring. She’s working on the album by herself and then will take the finished product to a label to get it released.
In the meantime Lisa is keeping herself busy with a new acting role. Lisa, 46, is just about to start filming a big acting role in new Brit flick Northern Soul. Lisa stars alongside James Lance, Ricky Tomlinson, Steve Coogan and Roisin Murphy in the film due for release around the time the album would come out.
The new movie is about two northern lads whose lives are changed forever by the Northern Soul music scene in the 70s. She will play the mum of one of the lads, while actor Christian McKay will play her husband.
“It’s a great role and a really great opportunity,” she said. “It has a great cast and I love the acting side of things. It comes naturally to me – and it’s set up north so it’s perfect. I really think the film is going to be a big deal – it’s got the next British film success written all over it.”
Hurrah for Lisa and her return to the spotlight – in my opinion it’s been far too long….

Above: Lisa hangs out in the swirly room at the party!

London’s infamous Wellington Club played host to the party in Knightsbridge. Huge thanks to Jake Panayiotou, Phill Harding, Sacha Keegan and Tin Tin for allowing me to take over the club for the night. Guests were treated to bowls of jerk chicken, rice and peas! Special thanks to Gerrysmagic (the new Dynamo) for keeping all the guests entertained – his card tricks were immense. The Welly is London’s coolest venue right now – with amazing Damien Hirst installations, designs and works. It’s a feast for the eyes – check

Both Adam Lambert, Louie Spence and I managed to put our stamp on the Wellington – like so many stars have before us. Mickey Rourke has his own “Room of Rourke”, is there almost every other week these days and Damien Hirst designed a one-off skull disco ball for the club. We all made ‘tags’ on the club walls with help from artists from the Zero Cool Gallery ( Huge thanks to Copyright and Hayden Kays for swinging by – I’m making my mark on the wall above…..! And as you can see from below – Karima Francis found another spot to make her mark! Ha!

The event was a great party – but also an opportunity to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support who were fantastic when I dealt with my own father’s death from cancer nearly four years ago. They do such an amazing job. Through our partying we managed to raise £1400 for the charity For information on what they do go to

Adam Lambert (above with me) is preparing to step in to the flamboyant shoes of Freddie Mercury.
The American Idol runner-up admits he’s a tad nervous ahead of filling in as the late Queen frontman in a series of shows next month. If anyone can do it then Adam can!
Adam, who swung by with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, said: “It could potentially be the most nerve-wracking and intimidating thing in the world but my saving grace is that Brian May and Roger Taylor are complete class acts.
“It’s a major challenge and something that isn’t to be taken lightly but at the same time it’s great music and that’s what I’m wrapping my head around.
“Obviously there’s only one Freddie Mercury and he’s someone who has influenced me so much and at the end of the day I need to judge how I do this in a respectful way. I need to do it in a way that fans of Queen’s will enjoy and fans of mine will enjoy and the icons that I’ll be sharing the stage with will enjoy. It’s about communicating the emotion and stories that the songs are written about and as long as I’m doing that then that’s all I can do.
“These songs are so dramatic and powerful so it’s really fun to harness that and take it for a ride. I’m so excited.” Adam’s album Trespassing is out July 9. It’s a pop corker.

Carrie Underwood turned up with a present for me at the bash at the Wellington – a signed electric guitar!
The star is one of the most professional ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She came to me straight from an HMV signing of brilliant new album Blown Away and was full of energy ahead of her Royal Albert Hall gig the following evening. Carrie joked she missed her doggies more than her ice-hockey hubby Mike Fisher while she’s been staying in the UK. She said: “We’re both really independent so we’re very ok with being away from each other. Mike’s hockey season ended about a month and a half ago so we’ve spent a lot of time together lately so I’m ready to go away a little bit! We need to miss each other so it’s a good thing and he’s going to come to Australia with me while I’m on tour. The thing I miss most is my dogs.”

Headline act Matt Cardle (above) says he’s ditched his beloved trucker hat for good – at least when on stage!
The X Factor winner – who belted out songs to the 200 strong crowd at the Welly – tells me that he’s undergoing an image overhaul when he returns with a second album. He confessed: “I don’t know how drastically the image will change because all I can do is be myself. It was about time to scrub up a bit so it’s RIP hat.
“I’ve been working with Steve Booker recently which has been amazing and I’m even closer to finding my sound. The tracks are a lot quicker pace and more upbeat and there’s a certain urgency about a lot of the stuff.”
Also my sources tell me that Matt has received a number of offers from labels – both major and independent – since parting ways with Syco last month. Good for him.

There are not many people that could stop a party of 200 in their tracks – especially with so many free drinks! But Karima Francis (above) managed to silence the room when she sang three songs from her new album The Remedy. I’ve been a huge fan of Karima’s since she appeared on Jools Holland in 2009. She’s insanely good. The star was the most popular person in the room following her set – and people’s love of her seems to be spreading. Ken Bruce started playing her next single Glory Days and she’s just been signed to support Paul Simon on July 15 on the main stage of Wireless. Karima told me: “Tongiht was a blast and I’ve got so much coming up to get ready for. I’d love to play Glastonbury next year when it’s back.” The single Glory Days is out August 6 and album The Remedy is out August 13. You need to get into Karima – she’s the real deal.

DJ Jodie Harsh (above nattering to Miss Stansfield) is set to inject more fun and glamour into the music charts. After having recent collaborative success with Spice Girl Melanie C, Jode’s is eyeing up more musical partnerships.
“I was thinking of doing an album but I think the day of the album is dead so I’m doing lots of EP projects with a different artist on each one,” he said. “I know lots of artists and I’ve got lots of artists in mind too. I’m also starting a label at the end of the summer. I’m going to be a record label executive and be in high heels at all times behind a desk. I’m going to be signing others artists who will release fun dance music.” Jodie span the tunes with Sadie Frost’s talented son Fin Munro – there was major Scissor Sisters love in the room when Let’s Have a Kiki was played….lock the doors.

Absolut Vodka supplied the booze for the event. Wild Tea Absolut is the flavour of the summer and guests including Amanda Byram, Lawson, Dancing On Ice professional Matt Evers and Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model judge Tyson Beckford (above on his table) all enjoyed the Absolut cocktails and free bar throughout the night. We were also treated to brand new limited edition Red Bull drinks – look out for the new Red, Blue and Silver Edition Red Bull’s out soon.

Hurrah, Arlene Phillips is set to return to her rightful home as on-screen talent judge!
The only snag is that it’s for Canadian eyes only. Arlene’s will make her comeback across the pond on Canada’s version of a talent search for a new Dorothy.
Arlene, who was there with her stunning daughter Alana, told me: “In the autumn I’ll be flying to Canada every weekend because I’m going to be a head judge on Over The Rainbow which will search for a Dorothy over there.
“Lord Andrew will fly over on the weeks that he can because he’s got a lot on with Jesus Christ Superstar. The truth is I spend my life judging so I shall be homing my words and getting it together because I can’t wait to get my judge’s hat on again. I will be the hottest judge on the planet when I hit Canada!”

Heidi Range may well be fit as hell after her appearance on Dancing on Ice – but she’s definitely not one for running! The singer said: “I’m quite fit but I can’t run. I go three times a week to the gym with a trainer but I don’t do any running because I hate it. I did attempt to take up running because I live on the river but I fell over on my first run and grazed all my arms and knees.
“It was like Bridget Jones on the floor covered in grit in front of a van of workmen who had stopped at the traffic lights. I went and sat on my doorstep grazed like a four-year-old crying and had to wait for my sister, who I was running with, to return with my house keys.” Bless.

You’ve got to feel for Lawson’s Ryan Fletcher after getting snubbed by Carly Rae “Call Me Maybe” Jepsen.
The Canadian singer wasn’t up for dishing out her number to the hunky guitarist after his smooth moves in a London nightclub failed to charm her. Ryan ‘fessed up and revealed: “I really fancy Carly Rae Jepsen and I tried to talk to her in a club the other night. It didn’t go very well but I do still love her. I think she is very hot but I don’t think I was cool enough for her.”
And although they may be four pretty boys making music together, the lads don’t want to be considered a boyband. Frontman Andy Brown said: “We don’t see ourselves as a boyband but we get why people get confused because we’re four guys in a band. I think it speaks for itself when you come and see us at a live show.” I agree! The new Lawson single Taking Over Me is out July 29.

Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke is set to make his own claim on the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise. Ols revealed: “I’ve got a sex and relationship book in the pipeline which I’ve been working on for a year. It’s called The Man’s Mind and hopefully it will be out for the Christmas market. It’s a girl’s guide to how a man’s mind work. I think I’ve been through enough relationships and the difference is I’ve been with guys and girls so it will be from both perspectives.” Get him.

Above: Lizzie Cundy cuddles up to Matt Evers.

Above: Mr Lambert and Sauli were cute as can be….

Above: Something VERY funny must have been said….

Above: Louie Spence was on great form as per usual…

Above: Davinia Taylor made a rare appearance on the scene with friend Gary Cockerill

Above: Lisa admires her handy work at the Welly.

Pictures with thanks to: Steve Bainbridge and Roy Fisher

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