Little Mix prepare to release “song of the year”

Posted by Dean Piper On May 26th, 2012

Little Mix are preparing to launch their debut single within the coming weeks. I’m already hearing from one eager source that it’s “the song of the year” and then some. I caught up with the X Factor winners this week as they launched a campaign for M+M’s limited edition Union Jack Pack.
The girls told me their fairly new star status hasn’t changed them much at all. Perrie Edwards, who’s happily dating Zayn Malik these days, told me: “I bought a jacket for £250 from Arrogant Cat and felt like dying inside as it was so expensive. I haven’t even worn it yet because I’m scared of ruining it.
“The truth is I like Primark’s plimsoles. I’ve got ten pairs of them.”
Jesy Nelson added: “We won’t ever be carrying Mulberry bags and designer wear now that we are a bit famous. We’re never going to be girls that have a t-shirt with the word Burberry on it for £100. You might as well get one from Asda for £2.” They’ll learn….
To celebrate British summertime Little Mix are launching M&M’S limited edition Union Jack Pack, featuring red, white and blue peanut M&M’S. Available now.

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