Lily Allen heads to the studio for the Bridget Jones: The Musical score – not solo material….yet!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 15th, 2012

Let’s not all get over excited about Lily Allen’s return to the music scene. Last week the star was pictured outside a recording studio in London, prompting the rumour mill to get ‘hyped’ about Lily – who famously said she was bowing out of the music business – recording a new album. The truth of the matter is the star is in the studio – but only to finish work on the score for the Bridget Jones Diary West End stage show. The star has to finish that by May apparently. A source tells me: “She’s working her arse off on the show and loving being in the studio – but she’s not doing a solo album yet. She’s been thinking about it but for now she’s working on the show and loving every minute.” Good for her. I’d personally love her to push out an album of solo material after. Fingers crossed.

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