Matt Smith and Doctor Who could be coming to a movie screen near you!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2012

Matt Smith may soon be coming to a big screen near you if Doctor Who writer Stephen Moffat has anything to do with it. 
He revealed there could be a film coming to cinema screens soon. Stephen said: “We might do a film at some point and that would be really exciting. There would be complexities for that though, not least that we’d be shooting it all year round. Maybe if we can occasionally crowbar in a couple of months off then we can think of some ideas for the big cinema. I think it would be nice and good to have that. We already seem to have done every other medium, bar tattoos!”

And Stephen has also promised even bigger and better things from the sci-fi drama when it returns to our screens.

“We’ve got some huge stuff for the next series – we’ve just shot on the biggest set Doctor Who has ever had for episode two and we’re topping it with the next block we’re shooting and having an even bigger set!

“We have also been shooting in Spain doing a Western which looks absolutely amazing. We picked Jenna-Louise Coleman as Matt’s new sidekick because she nailed the audition. She had to keep it secret for about a month which isn’t easy. It’s a big commitment for her because she has to commit to a lengthy deal and will have to give up a lot of her life.”

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