Kate Winslet’s Titanic verdict: “I never want to watch myself in 3D again.”

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2012

Above: Kate then and now at the premiere’s of the infamous movie!

Kate Winslet doesn’t exactly sound like watching herself on the screen in 3D fifteen years after making Titanic was a very easy experience. She revealed this week: “I never want to watch myself in 3D again….ever!!
“It was so so very strange watching myself 15 years ago …I was like ‘make it stop – switch it off – do I really look like that’  ‘tell me I don’t look like that’ ‘Did we really kiss like that?’. The whole thing was soooo embarrassing – thank God i didn’t have to watch it with Leo because he couldn’t be in London for it.”
And it sounds like her friendship with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is stronger than ever after all these years since the flick’s release. Kate also revealed she did fancy him when they first started working together on the infamous film. “We’re really good friends and yes, I did fancy him at first – who wouldn’t?” she said. “But it quickly turned into a steadfast friendship which is the same today as it was back then. We were there for each other amongst all the craziness.”
The Oscar winner was petrified of her children Joe, seven, and Mia, 11, seeing the film with her at the premiere this week at the Royal Albert Hall. She added: “The kids are going to watch it and they’ve never seen anything I’ve done before …so they’re finally going to see what I do. They know I’m a famous person but they don’t know why so it’s going to be so bizarre to see their reactions.
“I’m going to cringe at the nude scenes – we’re going to need 6 pairs of hands. I’m going to have to cover their eyes.” Sounds like a hectic screening to me!

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