Coldplay are the latest act working with Calvin Harris

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2012

Let’s be honest – Coldplay’s Chris Martin (above with me) is hardly known as being at the epicentre of dance and club music.
But all that’s about the change, as I can reveal Chris and his band Coldplay have drafted in producer-of-the-moment Calvin Harris to produce a new sideline project which they hope will give him the big club anthem of the summer.
The pair have been working on the project for the past two weeks and Calvin and the boys are said to be extremely happy with the end result.
My mole tells me: “Chris and Guy Berryman had written the track and thought it would make a big club sound if he got the right producer onboard so he got Calvin’s details from his pal Rihanna after she worked with him on We Found Love and they headed into the studio straight away.
“Chris has found the whole experience with Calvin incredible and opened a new door to the club scene. Chris hopes to work with Calvin again – providing the track does well.
“But everyone who’s heard it so far has been really positive about it.”
And my sources tell me Chris in particular is hoping the track is a huge success.
“Despite what people think about Chris he is a secret raver,” adds the mole. “He loves to dance like crazy, get lost in the music and zone out.
“It’s a big misconception that Chris is some square, piano playing bod. He’s all about letting loose on the dancefloor when he has the chance.” Get him!

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