All the gossip from the Oscars 2012!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 3rd, 2012

Pink has come from nowhere to become one of the frontrunners to replace Nicole Scherzinger on US X Factor. My sources in LA say Pink – real name Alecia Moore – is somebody Cowell and co are now going for as a replacement for Nicole or aged judge Paula Abdul.
I was shocked to hear this – especially considering Pink’s NEVER performed on X Factor and been quite outspoken about her dislike for reality shows. But Simon and the producers think they stand a chance persuading her to give it a shot.
“Simon’s really after Pink,” says my source. “He knows she’s outspoken and would be great for television. He’s also impressed by her as a performer. She’s all about a live vocal and very credible in the industry. But it’s going to take some real persuading and talks. Simon’s trying to organise a meeting now.”
Meanwhile, Janet Jackson is a definite NO to appearing as a judge and spoke out this week saying “it just wouldn’t be possible” and Mariah Carey still seems a major frontrunner.
One thing’s for sure – X factor US needs to get it all very right this time around – especially if they want to get up there with ratings like Idol and The Voice.

Felicity Huffman (above) is my new favourite person. She’s fun, unaffected by Hollywood and really easy to chat to. And despite her worldwide fame she forgets she’s ‘a somebody’. “I often forget that people know who I am,” she revealed at Vanity Fair’s party at Beso in aid of the Eva Longoria Foundation. “I’ll be out and suddenly there’s a commotion and the penny drops. I’m very low key when it comes to everything. I’m a wife and a mother – I don’t have a stylist or a team of people.”
The star loves all things British including Ricky Gervais. But Flick tells me she wishes he had more balls when it came to his recent Golden Globes hosting duties. She said: “Ricky’s a weird one isn’t he. I love him and he’s so funny but he was a let down at the Globes. We were ready for him to push some buttons and create some controversy. But then he didn’t. He is all talk and I think people expected a lot more. I hope he gets the chance to do it again.”
Felicity also told me she loves visiting the UK – for shows like the Baftas. And she sais on her last visit she had the best tea lady going. “At the Oscars there’s alcohol and candy and all sorts backstage,” she said. “But in London when I came over for the Baftas it was a dark and dingy set and I was stumbling around. I was given tea in a polystyrene cup – with the bag still in it – by Dame Judi Dench.” Now that’s a tea lady!

Gerard Butler’s just come out of rehab in LA so you’d think he’d be taking things pretty easy. But alas he didn’t seem to be too careful when I saw him stumbling into the Bolthouse Productions party up in the Hills following the Vanity Fair bash at gone 2am. I hope he’s being a good boy. Other guests included Topher Grace and Nadine Coyle.

Above: Wicked star Idina Menzel at the 20th Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party in LA

And the award for the biggest Oscars season raver goes to….Natalie Imbruglia. I saw the star – who’s relocated to Hollywood for work these days – at The Abbey where she proceeded to do the splits, dance like a Pussycat Doll and kept trying it on with various other female friends – much to their amusement. Amazing what a bit of booze can do.

Catherine Tate really needs to start lightening up and enjoying life. She’s permanently moody and difficult in real life – but smiles for those cameras. She was spotted eating at the Grove in LA and my source says she couldn’t have been stroppier simply being asked what she was doing in LA. “Filming the US version of The Office,” she barked. Before running off when I got my girl out there to ask about her relationship with Jason Orange which recently fizzled out.
Meanwhile, I reported back in January that the Take That singer was spotted all over a blonde whilst staying at Thailand’s plush Koh Samui detox resort Kamalaya.
Well I hear the star is still there – which means he’s spent a whopping nine weeks at the £3,000-a-week hotel. A fellow guest emailed to tell me this week: “His body is in insane shape. He looked like he’s been on a major detox and work out plan.” Lucky boy.

Carmit Bachar of the original Pussycat Dolls line-up doesn’t rate the chances of the new girls currently being put together by Dolls creator Robin Antin. Carmit, who gave birth to her first child five months ago, told me: “Robin doesn’t have a record deal for them but she’s parading them around. At least when we did it we were a huge success. We may not have made a huge amount of money because of the deal we signed but we were a worldwide hit.” Meow.

US ice hockey pro Jarret Stoll isn’t having much luck with getting a girl down the aisle. First his engagement to model Rachel Hunter falls flat on it’s face. And now I here his engagement to 90210 actress Katie Cassidy is off. A source tells me: “It just wasn’t ever going to work. He’s single and already ready to mingle again.”

Pucker Up: Kelly Osbourne looked divine at the Elton John AIDS Foundation party in West Hollywood

The rap world is preparing for a film documentary release which will blow them away. Ice-T has directed The Bottom Line which profiles hip-hop greats, past and present. The likes of Eminem, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Run DMC all take part and the results are quite simply extraordinary. The film also features over 200 hip-hop tracks too. The film, produced by talented Brit Paul Toogood, is set for release over the summer after rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.

Mischa Barton has got her life back on track it would appear. She looked stunning when I bumped into her at the Mont Blanc Princess Grace collection brunch at the Bel Air Hotel this week. As well as wrapping work on two films – including the horror I Will Follow You Into The Dark – the star is preparing to come to London where she will open her first store to flog her handbags and accessories. Mischa told me: “Opening my shop in London is a major priority for me. I’ve found a site within Spitalfields market and we’re working on the launch now. I used to go to the market a lot when I was in the UK.
“Life is good. I’m working hard with my acting, the handbag range has gone very well and it feels exciting to be back in the mix again.” Good to hear!

Jesse Metcalfe
is excited about the new version of Dallas hitting UK screens in June. And he reckons it’s a sure-fire hit. “We’ve shot the entire first season and it was a blast,” he told me over dinner at Hollywood spot Eveleigh. “It feels like the UK is buzzing almost more than what the States is.”
Jesse was totally besotted with his actress fiancee Cara Santana. The guy’s come a long way from his Desperate Housewive days!

Sir Elton John
knows a thing or two about food. That would be why I spotted the star dining out with hubby David Furnish and friends at Craig’s American eaterie on Melrose last Wednesday evening. Sat nearby was former First Lady Nancy Reagan and Lorraine Bracco from hit TV series The Sopranos.

It was a full-blown family affair at Richard Young’s Elizabeth Taylor exhibition launch on Rodeo at jewellery designer Stephen Webster’s store on Wednesday night. Richard’s son Sam span the tunes, Lady Victoria Hervey popped by and Christina Aguilera’s hubby Jordan Bratman (who’s lovely) popped in too. Stephen told me he enjoyed his flight over to LA alongside Batman star Christian Bale. “Christian was great,” Stephen said. “A very polite chap. It was a bit comedy being on a flight with Batman though.” I bet.

Above: Susan and Richard Young with me in Hollywood.

Spice Girl Mel B doesn’t sound too happy about having missed out on both the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee Spice reunion performances. “It’s a real shame we couldn’t do either,” she says. “They were both huge opportunities for us all. And I know most girls were up for it. I hope we get together again at some point – but I do feel like the fans wanted us back for this. People will see us together for the launch of the musical anyway.” Until then….
Meanwhile Mel spent much of last week packing up her LA possessions for her family’s big move to Australia. “It’s bloody murder here,” she told me. “Boxes everywhere and too much to do.”

Martin Scorsese
was the guest of honour at Soho House’s lavish Grey Goose bash for Paramount pictures and Scorsese’s flick Hugo. Unfortunately no other celebs turned out for the event billed as a celebtastic night out. Upstairs in the club super producer Brett Ratner wandered around and Heroes star Ali Larter turned heads in a short yellow dress.

Chris Noth continues to hate the fact he made his name as the star of Sex and the City. The guy needs to get real. He turned up with a face like a donkey’s smacked arse at the QVC pre-Oscars bash at the Four Seasons. “I can never get away from being Mr Big,” he moaned. “It’s the first thing people always ask me about – I guess it will always be that way. I can’t complain though…it gives me a certain swagger and I’m always popular with the ladies!” And just to keep his foot in the door with the next movie in the franchise he added, “I would do a third SATC movie but we’ll see what happens.”

Above: Elton’s guests were an utter delight this year!

In my opinion, Viola Davis is a sensation in The Help. It’s out on DVD in the UK soon so make sure you check it out. The Oscar nominee told me at the QVC bash: “I’m surprisingly calm about the awards actually. I am just so grateful to have even been nominated. The response from this movie has been beyond all my wildest dreams. I can’t walk down the street anymore without someone congratulating me on the movie saying how it bought them to tears. It’s an amazing thing and whatever will be will be on Sunday.” Shame she didn’t win!

Nicole Richie was surprisingly friendly at the QVC bash. I asked her if she was missing hubby Joel Madden as he’s out in Australia as a judge on The Voice and she said, “I’m really missing him. It’s not easy looking after two kids on my own but it’s not for too long. Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world so I can’t wait to go and visit him.” Get to it.

George Clooney’s squeeze Stacy Keibler was refreshingly frank about how she keeps her gravity-devying body. She works blooming hard. Stacy said, “I’m not one of those girls who’ll sit and tell you I eat what I like and never work out. Yes I know I have a good body but I work for it – I work out for at least an hour, sometimes two, every day!”

Skinny Minnie Leann Rimes was all dolled up at the Dominos pre-Oscars bash at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Thursday night. I asked her about the rumours she’d met with an X Factor producers to talk about a judging role and all she’d say was: “Well, I love the show.”
She also said plans are underway for a musical comeback with a difference. “I’m working on a new album right now,” she said. “I’m really excited about that actually. I want to bring in some big artists to duet with me on a couple of tracks but I haven’t quite worked out who yet. I might mix up country with a bit of hip hop and see if P Diddy is available.” Diddy – over to you!

I’m OBSESSED with Mad Men. So it was great to see Jon Hamm (above) at the Domino’s party. And it was great to see he’s not that dissimilar to his character Don Draper on the hit show (which returns on Sky Atlantic for the 5th Series on March 27). The stud was chain-smoking like a beauty and downing
bottles of beer. I asked him who he was rooting for at the Oscars today. He said, “I want Melissa McCarthy to win. She was so hilarious in Bridesmaids and is such a great actress. I’d love to see her take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I would also like to see The Artist do well. It was one of my favourite movies of the year. I loved it.” Me too.

Colin Firth’s wife Livia is on a mission to get stars of the film and fashion world dressing in sustainable produced materials. And I hear she’s bagged FIVE major stars to take up her own campaign – the Green Carpet Challenge – at this year’s Oscars.
Not only that, I hear Livia has officially bent the ear of US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour – who is standing by her in the campaign.
My source says: “Livia is over the moon with the reaction to her campaign. She has big names taking part and the likes of Anna Wintour are helping it grow from strength to strength.”
The campaign started in 2009 when Livia’s husband Colin Firth received a Golden Globe nomination for Tom Ford’s A Single Man. Livia elected to attend all red carpet events, including the Oscars, dressed solely in sustainable fashion. And now the campaign continues to grow – with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Tom Ford, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney all onboard. Well done her.

William H. Macy is relishing his role as Frank Gallagher in the US version of Shameless. And he says he’s thrilled the US network Showtime allowing the production to be nearly as out of control and punchy as the British version. William, or Bill to his friends, told me: “I’m glad we’ve been able to push some buttons and keep it edgy. I’m a huge fan of the show and wanted to do Frank as a character justice.” He’s a top guy.

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