Agyness Deyn talks acting after The Leisure Society premiere

Posted by Dean Piper On March 3rd, 2012

Supermodel Agyness Deyn is determined to prove she can be a big deal in the acting world – and so far the reviews have been good!
When I caught up with her at the afterparty for her new play The Leisure Society at The Trafalgar Studios there was definitely no acting involved when she gushed over her new love: “It was just a progression of something creative as modelling was so creative. This was just the next step and I really wanted to embrace this new chapter. I just want to go and bring as much of myself and reality as I can to each role that I play. I just know that if I go up and do my best then that’s all I can do. It’s been very exciting and I just feel very warm about the whole experience.
“For this role I feel like I have to get in the mood to go and have fun and really let go. I go into the theatre before the show and sit in the seats and just get into the space. Then when everyone is sat down before I go on I watch the scenes through the door because I feel that if I do it then I won’t be as a shocked when I come out. It’s more of a case of adrenaline and excitement than nerves. Tonight I was so geared up to go on I was like ‘I just want to be up their now!’”
And the ex-supermodel now has Academy Awards on her to-do list: “Meryl Streep is my hero. I love her. I always look towards Samantha Morton who I love and think is amazing. She’s such an incredible person and also such a talented actress. I’d like to do a Hollywood blockbuster, that could be quite fun.”

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