All the gossip from the Orange BAFTA Film Awards 2012

Posted by Dean Piper On February 19th, 2012

Meryl Streep commanda so much attention. She was the only star who brought a bodyguard to the Baftas. He stopped me getting close the first time but I leapt on the winning actress the second time. She told me she can’t wait for next weekend’s Oscars. “You just never know,” she laughed. “But to win would be amazing.” My money’s on her winning (again) for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

Top girl award: Tilda Swinton (above) has always been my favourite red carpet star during award’s season. You never know who she’ll wear and it’s always out there. For the Baftas it was Celine and she had a special St. Tropez tan before walking the red carpet. Did you all know she was 51 years old too? She also gave me her glass of champagne because she said I looked like I was thirsty. Divine.

Michael Fassbender had all the ladies swarming around him at post-award dinner but he snubbed them all and brought his dad along as his date for the evening.
He told me he’d think carefully about stripping for another role. Anyone who has seen Shame will agree when I say “WOAH”. He told me: “I was very nervous about getting naked. It was really nervewracking and a big challenge to do. I don’t know whether I would take a role that involves getting naked again – it would all depend on the script. I’ll take it on board that people want me to! The director Steve McQueen is brave and very open and very honest. He really encourages that and demands that off everyone on set. It’s obvious that Steve changed my life so I’m forever indebted for that.” Go ch-ch-ch-check it out at your local VUE cinema soon.

Who would have thought Dame Judi Dench could have been so much fun? My spies caught her wearing a framed picture of a dog around her neck from one of The Artist themed tables as she dined at the post-bash dinner. Barking mad! She revealed that she’s loving having new Bond girl Naomie Harris on set. “I think Naomi is a great addition – she’s a very lovely girl and beautiful – but sadly we don’t have any scenes together.” And when I dared to call Dame Judi a legend she gave me a ticking off. “No no, none of that! I don’t think I’m a legend. I’m only a legend in my lunchtime.” Ha ha!

The Help’s Octavia Spencer is a hoot. My spies caught the actress – who bagged the Best Support gong – confided she would need flats because she had big plans for a certain Mr Brad Pitt. “I’m getting starstruck every time I see a face,” she giggled. “I’m going to dance with everybody I see tonight. I might maul George Clooney and Brad, Michael Fassbender and Jim Broadbent. I did say I’d run naked down the road if I won tonight but I won’t hold myself to that as it’s really cold outside.” What a gal.

So every year without fail Helena Bonham Carter wears Vivienne Westwood to the Baftas. Well actually every award’s do. But this year it appeared the star was moved aside for Meryl Thatcher (natch) and Mad Men star Christina Hendricks (above with me). Helena told me: “I’m in Giles Deacon.” Whereas Christina – who’s an utter delight btw – told me Westwood pulled out all the stops for the star. She revealed: “They made it specially to my measurements. They only had 24 hours to do it and spent all day Saturday measuring me and making it fit.” The star’s here in London now for a month filming new flick Bomb where she plays an east London girl. Nice to have you here, love.

Star of The Help Jessica Chastain needs a gong for most down to earth star. When I caught up with the super-sweet actress she was brimming with excitement about the Oscars where she is up for Best Supporting Actress. “Oh my gosh – for the rest of my life it is going to say ‘Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain!’ but it’s not going to say winner,” she said. “Maybe at some point in my career it will say that but it won’t say it this time but that’s OK because I want a long career. I’m hoping I get to go to the party and just see what it’s like.”
And there are big plans for ramping up the style stakes come the ceremony too. “I know it sounds strange but I see my style as like a storyteller. I like to put on clothes where I feel like I am participating in the story of the designer’s creation. I never in a million years thought that I would have these great designers actually offering to let me wear anything. I normally have a sweat pants and no-make day every day!”

Massive congratulations to Adam Deacon on winning Orange’s Rising Star Award who bar far the biggest outsider to scoop the award.  And he now wants to make the leap from Hackney to Hollywood.
“It feels crazy to have won this award. It feels like a sign of acceptance and a real pat on the back. I bet I’m the only one here though that is going back to a council flat tonight! Brad Pitt is more than welcome to join – he’d love Hackney!” For realz, Bruv?

I’ve loved Michelle Williams for quite some time. But after meeting her briefly I’m over it. She stormed past me at the Bafta dinner and shrieked: “Not now I’m absolutely starving.” The My Week With Marilyn star stormed off with aides apologising profusely at her stroppy behaviour. Nevermind, Michelle. Oh but by the way….Carey Mulligan called – she wants her look back.

With thanks to Jon Furniss for pictures and my friends at Dolce and Gabbana for the threads….

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