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Posted by Dean Piper On January 28th, 2012

PARTY OF THE WEEK – National TV Awards After Show at the O2 Arena

BEST COP OUT: Tulisa Contostavlos: “I’m leaving early – I’ve got a carbonara in the oven at home.”
BEST DRESSED: Fearne Cotton (above with me) in a stunning Temperley dress and slicked back hair.
DRUNKEST CELEB: Melanie Sykes (by far). She flexed her muscles in front of me and literally screamed: “I’m ripped Mutha******.” Before being carried out by a male friend. Extraordinary.
BEST PARTY SNUB: I caught Jessie Wallace sneaking out of the awards before they’d even finished. She looked good but didn’t want to mingle!
BIGGEST NUMPTY: Peter Andre with a burly bouncer in tow. Nobody else had/needed one.
CANER GONG: Holly Willoughby was on fire after winning for Celeb Juice and This Morning – and quite right too.
SURPRISINGLY HUNKY: F1 presenter Jake Humphrey. He’s cheeky and amusing.
SURPRISINGLY COOL: Downton’s Hugh Bonneville. The guy likes to partay. Who knew.
WE ATE: Mini sausage and mash, Shepherd’s Pie and Ice cream tubs.
WE DRANK: Bubbles, beers and vino collapso. No spirits.

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model is changing big time this year. Grace Woodward and Charley Speed are no more and there replacements are……The City’s leggy clothes horse Whitney Port and top male model Tyrese Gibson. I hear the new signings are to appeal to a bigger audience worldwide. And if you ask me they are just perfect additions to a show that continues to grow. It will start filming for Sky Living in the coming weeks!

Michelle Collins took the Coronation Street win as a clear indicator that people had begun to accept her on the show when I caught up with her. The actress was given such a hard time for her northern accent when she joined the Street.
The blonde says she’s now settled into the role and is loving every minute. “I’ve got bills to pay and a mortgage like everybody else,” she told me. “It was hard when I started. I was getting a lot of abuse and I struggled to cope with it. But I’m fine now. This award the show got tonight is a big fingers up to the doubters and haters. I’m happy on the show and hope to stay for a long time.” Good for her.

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan (above with me) had a novel way of holding her gong for Female Drama Performance at the after show. She marched around with it poking out of her green Kate Spade bag! “It fits perfectly,” she told me.
The star said she felt like she ballsed up her speech though. “You get up there and immediately forget everybody you wanted to thank and just waffle,” she said. Indeed.

Mark Wright is busy carving himself a career as a TV presenter these days – and I have to say he’s doing a good job. He seems confident and enthusiastic and is already hosting Take Me Out: The Gossip with the wonderful Zoe Hardman. Now he has set LA in his sights. I’m told Mark will be shooting a show in LA within the next couple of months – but right now it’s unknown what the subject matter will be. “It’s not reality or some boring ‘Mark tries to make it in LA’ style show,” says my mole. “It’s going to be something more than that. He’s not in this game to be some puppet and ITV want to develop him for the future. He’s got a lot to be excited about.” America get ready.

Paul O’Grady sounds like his new TV show is a bit of a nightmare for him to deal with. He’s hosting a new show about the day to day running of Battersea Dogs Home and he’s had to get staff on the crew to enforce a band on him adopting/stealing doggies from set! “Doing a show like this is my worst night,” he told me. “I love dogs and thought on the first day of filming that I was strong and wouldn’t be too effected by their tragic stories. And within minutes I wanted to adopt two and was acting like Cruella De Vil when they tried to prise me off them.” I’d be so weak – I feel his pain!

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