HOTTING UP: Caroline Flack meets Harry’s mum Anne in Cheshire!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 22nd, 2012

So the relationship between Caroline Flack, 32, and One Direction star Harry Styles, 17, continues to push forwards.
Xtra Factor
host Caroline went up to Cheshire last weekend to meet Harry’s mother Anne and step-father at their house in Cheshire.
And I’m told the Flackster enjoyed dinner with the in-laws and everything went swimmingly – Anne apparently loved her son’s new lady friend.
A source reveals the pair are getting on brilliantly. “Caroline and Harry are a full on couple now,” says the source. “Things are getting seriously pretty quickly and they’re in love. At first it was just a fling and something that neither of them really thought was going anywhere but now they’re looking at a future together.
“Caroline seemed to make a great impression with Harry’s mother and it was mission accomplished. Any fears she may have had are now no more.”
I described this union as creepy when I revealed they had been snogging back in October and the lady in question flipped out about it. So all I’ll say this time is good for them.

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