Edith Bowman: “Meryl Streep makes a phenomenal apple pie.”

Posted by Dean Piper On January 22nd, 2012

Who knew Meryl Streep was such a whizz in the kitchen? By the sounds of it The Iron Lady actress is gunning for a Delia Smith biopic next.
Radio 1′s Edith Bowman let slip the A-lister’s hidden culinary skills at the Film Critics’ Circle Awards. She said: “I had dinner with Meryl about two months ago as we got invited to the house of Phyllida Lloyd who is the director of The Iron Lady. Meryl made apple pie and it was phenomenal. There was about 15 of us there and one point I turned around and Meryl was squatting in a AGA oven checking her apple pie. She kept it real.”
And Edith has been racking up her A-list encounters as just last week she was interviewing Madonna at the premiere of W.E.
“I’ve been a life long Madonna fan since the age of eight when I dressed up as her so to actually chat to her was a bit mind-boggling. I was a little bit worried as there have been some pictures of her where you think ‘dont do any more plastic surgery’ but she looked beautiful and amazing in the flesh. She told me that she was only taking her coat off for me and flicked it off and someone behind her caught it. That was pretty special so I’m not sure who could top that.” Nobody can top her Madgesty.

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