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Posted by Dean Piper On January 7th, 2012

Jim Broadbent is on tenterhooks waiting to find out whether he’ll be back as the role of Colin Jones in the new Bridget Jones 3 film. Speaking at The Iron Lady premiere he said: “I’m waiting for the call. I wouldn’t want anyone else playing Bridget’s father that’s for sure.”

Celebs are forming an orderly line to have bespoke suits made by stylish new tailors October House. Co-owned by Dave Berry the small company is already dressing some of the stylish men in the business. Miles Kane, Plan B, top model David Gandy and, er, ME are all fans! check out www.october-house.co.uk now if you’re looking for old-school tailoring with new age fabrics and design.

TV ice queen Natasha Kaplinksy confirmed that she ruled herself out of the running to take over from Christine Bleakley on the Daybreak couch despite being hot favourite.
Speaking at the premiere for Cirque du Soleil’s Totem she said: “I’ve ruled myself out of Daybreak as I’ve done my fair share of early morning TV. It’s hard enough for anyone to get up at that time but also I’ve got two small children so that’s why I ruled myself out.”

James Corden (above with me) had a bit of trouble getting into the Adelphi Theatre ahead of his evening performance of One Men, Two Guvnors this week. My spy spotted him trying to get through the doors but they were locked. They tell me: “He turned round and muttered ‘FFS can’t even get into my own show’ and then left the theatre looking very annoyed.” Ha!

Dry January is ahoy people. No booze this month. So what is there to do aside from showbiz parties? Obviously head to the gym (duh) but there’s also the telly. The first series of Sky’s stunning Boardwalk Empire starring Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald is out tomorrow. Give it a whirl!

Winter sunshine means winter swimming outfits. And for men there’s a new craze – MYO swim shorts that a specially woven in Italy. Both Jamie Redknapp and Mark Wright have been spotted taking a dip in the swimwear that feature funky prints. I’ll need a pair for the LA sunshine at the Oscars in February! Check out www.myoswimwear.com.

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