Gerard Butler speaks out on THAT surfing accident

Posted by Dean Piper On January 7th, 2012

Gerard Butler tells me his recent surfing accident filming new movie Of Men of Mavericks has made him reconsider his future roles.
The hunky star was briefly hospitalised in December after being knocked over by a large wave while shooting a surfing scene in the Northern California ocean. Gerry told me at the Coriolanus premiere this week: “I have found myself in positions many times that I shouldn’t be in and I think with this one a set of waves came out of nowhere and I was in a very dangerous position and I paid the price for it.
“I was underwater for a long time and I remember thinking, ‘This is crazy there is a whole film crew above the water who can’t help me or get to me.’ I don’t mind taking bumps and bruises but then you think, ‘hang on a minute this is my life!’
“The main point is though that I would still like to be around in a few years and if that is going to happen, I think I should be a little more careful and find a nice balance between the fun and excitement when I am choosing my roles.” Sounds wise!

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