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TV star Jodie Kidd’s life has been turned upside since becoming a mother for the first time four months ago.
Her iPad contains an album of photos of gorgeous baby Indio – her son with Argentine polo player boyfriend Andrea Vianini – and she gushes about how amazing her life is.
She’s also flabbergasted at how big her boobs have become, “They were never like this,” she says squishing them and looking down in disbelief.
It’s fair to say Jodie, 33, is a million miles away from the heroine chic model that burst onto the international fashion scene at the tender age of 16.
Back then Jodie was a worldwide phenomenon and graced the covers of pretty much every fashion magazine in the world – even British Vogue. At 6ft 2ins and weighing just 105lbs at her lowest, Jodie was part of the scary waif brigade.
But these days she can’t even believe she was ever alongside Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista on catwalks around the globe.
“I was a model, was I?” she laughs. “The only thing I’d want to model now is my eyebrows. I’ve got big udders, I’m lactating and I’ve got a huge whopping arse. I never had boobs but now they’re so big and I have my baby belly still.
“I looked online the other day because a friend wanted to see a Strictly dance I did. And up popped a Gucci 1995 fall season show and I clicked on it. It took me back. I was like, “F***, is that really me.” “Everything about ‘Jodie the model’ is so far away from where I am right now. The weight, the look. Everything.
“I’m the least likely person to be in that designer world too. I had such an amazing career and did everything I ever wanted to do. I had Cindy and Linda and these supermodels alongside me and I was plonked in the middle looking a little lost.”
Following her catwalk years the star began a career in television – presenting various shows on satellite channels.
Then in 2008 her life changed forever when she agreed to appear as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.
Prior to this her parents had split in May 2006, and her own first marriage to entrepreneur Aidan Butler collapsed in March 2007.

It was time for a fresh start.

“Strictly Come Dancing was pretty much the last thing I’d ever have thought I would have done,” she says reflecting. “I certainly would never do it again and I’d definitely never do another reality show.
“It was purely an opportunity to learn to dance. The year I was on everybody was an amazing freak blessed with skills and I was some old giraffe at the back. I was a disaster waiting to happen.
“It was terrifying. I remember they were like, “We’ve got a model we can make the outfits cut-out here and short as hell” and I was like, “Ummmm, no thank you.” It was a continual battle. My arse was hanging out for the whole time.
“But rhythm is definitely not in my genes. By the time I’d sent a signal to my foot from six feet away in my head I was out of time. I was doomed from the start.”
These days Jodie’s relishing being a doting mum. She lives with Andrea in Uruguay throughout the English winter and they move back to her Sussex pad for the English summer.
She says she still is carrying her baby weight and has no plans to diet or over exercise to shift it. She explains: “I’m still breast feeding. Indio’s with me all the time and I’m basically permanently starving.
“I’m not even thinking about what I look like or what diet I should be following. I couldn’t care less about my stomach and my arse. Indio is all I care about and that’s the way it should be.
“I’m not worried about what people think. It’s all about my baby. It was never going to be a six-week weight loss girl. All those celebs losing their baby weight in six weeks and parading around is totally hellish to me. It’s false and a load of crap. I’m a mum and I want to breast feed as long as I can.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m being fairly good with food – but I’m not stuffing my face. I’m eating carbs and protein and lots of goodness. Good proper meals. I’m not bothered – that’s what we have to do as mothers.”
Jodie, who was in London to launch this year’s Swimathon Weekend with Duncan Goodhew in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, also has no plans to walk down the aisle for a second time just yet. Instead she’s enjoying the good life…
“No wedding thank you,” she says. “I did it, paid the consequences and we don’t want to ruin anything. We’re so happy just being us. To us we are just doing what we do. I thank my lucky stars everyday. I’ve landed on my feet.
“Andrea’s brilliantly bonkers. If we’re not fishing then we’re swimming. He’ll go off into the mountains with a gun, shoot a hare, come back, skin it and make a hare pie. I never know what’s going to happen next and it’s a wonderful existence. We live in a house with everything eco-friendly. Solar energy throughout, a river next door, lakes for fishing out the window.
“I have a kitchen garden and grow all my own veg. Support all my local shops and farmers. That’s so important. I have a cow next door on a farm actually and get my beef there.”
She doesn’t muck about when it comes to sport either. A keen horse rider and polo player, she’s recently taken up a new hobby – carriage driving.Jodie explains: “My grandmother was world champion at driving pairs and it’s almost like Ben Hur but in real life. It’s something new and it’s bloody dangerous. But I have so much fun doing it. It’s a logistical nightmare and I’m surprised I haven’t decapitated myself on a fricking tree.
“If people tell me something’s scary then I do it. My grandma was obsessed with it and I always wanted to learn so I’m glad I have.”
Her next project – once baby duties have calmed down – will see her filming a women’s exploration TV show for the Discovery Channel.
“It won’t be too Bear Grylls,” she laughs. “I’m not going to eat shit and be creeped by scorpions. But it’ll be quite an adventure.”
Just like her life always has been…..

Swimathon Weekend takes place 27-29 April in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care – for more information log onto www.swimathon.org.

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