The truth about Kate Middleton’s sense of style….

Posted by Dean Piper On December 13th, 2011

I always thought Kate Middleton must have a troop of stylists and advisors telling her what to wear. She never makes a mistake. But a friend spotted Kate on Monday shopping in Oxford Street’s exclusive  Selfridges store and she was completely solo.
Not only was Kate solo, she also shunned personal shopping and my pal spotted her walking around the second and third floors with nothing but two minders shadowing her. Fellow shoppers couldn’t believe their eyes as Kate made shunned practically all the designer stands in order to spend an amount of time at Zara and Reiss picking out pieces she liked.
Nobody was helping her, nobody was advising her and Kate knew exactly what would work for her. Extraordinary. My pal told me: “She arrived unannounced and hit the shop floor. She spent a good half hour running around at speed and nobody batted an eyelid. They just didn’t think it was her.
“She had an excellent eye for the pieces she was picking out. She slipped into a dressing room, tried them on and left with her purchases. No fuss or bother – it was amazing to witness.”
The £69.99 high street dress she wore to the Prince’s Trust Gary Barlow gig on Monday was the result of this shopping trip. I’m told there were a number more bought. Ladies, get ready to make the stampede…

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