Leona Lewis promises big things from album number three…..

Posted by Dean Piper On December 4th, 2011

Leona Lewis is promising me her third album will be worth the wait. At a fundraising event for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary this week Le promised me it will be worth the wait.
“I’m like, come on already! But it takes to time as I want to make this album my best yet. I hope to have the album out towards the beginning of next year. I’m working with the amazing producer Fraser T Smith at the moment and it’s coming along really, really nicely. Then I’d love to do another tour at the end of next year and go to Europe and America. That’s my goal and where I’m heading towards but we haven’t made any plans just yet.”
And as for lyrical content it comes down to the old and new men in her life – ex Lou Al-Chamaa and new beau Dennis Jauch.
“I am in a very good place and that’s definitely inspired songs. I’m always inspired by the situations that I’ve in. Right now I’m happy and I’m good. But I want everyone to relate to the songs so I haven’t made any of them specific to Dennis. There is a lot of different content on the album – some is about love and some is about heartache. There’s a lot going on in there.”
Bunny lover Leona nearly showed anger talking about Lady GaGa wearing her infamous meat dress.
“That dress was so offensive,” Le added. “If I saw her wearing that I would laugh at first but I guess it’s her way of expressing her art and each to their own. Maybe I should start dressing as a carrot with a bunny under my arm to make my own point.” Erm, OK!

Meanwhile at the same event Alexandra Burke seemed to have lost her star credentials despite her recent X Factor stint. A private tour of the sanctuary with Leona was successfully auctioned off for £600 but when it came to bidding for a dress Alex had designed herself and donated alongside a signed note the lot finished at a grand sum of…£50. Ouch.

Anyone wishing to donate can visit www.hopefield.org.uk. Leona will be back at the Essex based sanctuary on December 18th to perform a Christmas Carol Concert.

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