Dita Von Teese turns up the heat in London

Posted by Dean Piper On December 4th, 2011

Dita Von Teese oozes glamour so it’s no wonder that she tells me she would never slip in to Simon Cowell’s shoes and launch her own TV talent search for the next burlesque star.
Speaking to me at the VIP opening of the Cointreau PrivĂ© at 215 Piccadilly she said: “I’ve been approached so many times and if I had a dollar for everyone someone had that exact idea thinking they were the first one then I wouldn’t ever have to work again. It’s a really tricky thing because everyone thinks it’s such a great idea but for me my show is my heart and soul and everything I ever dreamed of so if someone was to sit me down and pick apart my show I would find that deeply personal and I feel that it would be the same for me to criticise someone’s personality and beauty. So I have a hard time imagining that a show like that could be really successful. If someone is up on stage taking their clothes off and being sexual how do you judge that? Being sexy is different to different people. I could never be Simon Cowell.”
And funnily enough another item Dita would never be seen dead in is Spanx pants. Grimacing she said: “I’ve never worn a pair of Spanx, no. I’d rather just work out and eat well, that’s how I feel. I get that people really love them but I love lingerie so much and the beauty of lingerie. Until they make glamorous Spanx then I’d rather just not.”
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