Christine Bleakley begins to plan the wedding of 2012!

Posted by Dean Piper On December 4th, 2011

Christine Bleakley tells me plans are underway for her wedding to footballer fiance Frank Lampard – but next year’s European Championships are causing hassle for the couple’s plans.
Speaking at the Sky Women In Film And Television Christine told me: “The wedding plans have started but ideally we would do it next summer but we have to assume, possibly, that Frank may be going to the Euro. But we don’t know that until the last minute.
“You kind of have to assume that he might which eats up into the whole of next summer unfortunately. It’s just timing really. We will get there, we have a few thoughts. I would just be happy to go off and just do it but then that’s a difficult thing to do as well. When people say they did it and it was just the two of them I’m like ‘How did you actually do it?’ Its really hard.”
But Christine – who last show on Daybreak is tomorrow – says she’s yet to find a dress.
“I haven’t tried any dresses on yet as I think the dress is very in keeping with where you get married,” she added. “We need to arrange a few other things first before I can start thinking about the dress. I did think that I would go and try stuff on but now I think I’ll hold off for a little bit. “I’ve never been a little girl who had the wedding plans from the age of three. I’m not really girly when it comes to it. I’ll wait until we figure out how and where and then those things will happen afterwards.”
And talking of dresses – the star is getting excited about her appearance on dancing on Ice from January. But don’t expect her to be flashing her cleavage ala Holly Willoughbooby. “Holly was pregnant last year so she had her big, long flowing gowns but I’m not Christine Bleakley boobie unfortunately,” she added. “I know the set might change this year so I would just like to wear something in keeping with that and with Phillip.” Sounds good.

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