Rebecca Ferguson moves on from One Direction’s Zayn Malik

Posted by Dean Piper On November 20th, 2011

Rebecca Ferguson has ruled out a reunion with One Direction’s Zayn Malik – giving a collective sigh to loyal 1D fans.
Poor Zayn had deluded hopes of being able to pull Rebecca for the second time when he said he thought they were going to get back together in the future.
But Rebecca has other ideas. Talking at the launch of her great album Heaven she said there is already another mystery bloke on her speed dial list. Rebecca said: “Did he really say that? I’ve moved on to be honest, we won’t be getting back together.
“At the time I made a mature decision to split up because it wasn’t working. I’ve got my kids and family and my career to concentrate on.
“I wrote most of the songs on the album and a lot are about relationships I’ve had and breaking up with people and how you feel. It wasn’t just about Zayn but it was about all the relationships I’ve had I suppose.
“He’s lovely but I’m dating now. Well I say dating I haven’t actually had any time to go on any dates, but I’ve been texting someone. I don’t know where it is going to go, but it’s nice.” Watch this space!

BTW – really do check out Rebecca’s new album. It’s a good effort and worth purchasing. I particularly like the track Teach Me How To Be Loved. Feels a bit like it could be the track like Someone Like You was for Adele’s 21 album. Bold statement but this song is a corker from the very first listen.

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