Children in Need certainly does ROCK!

Posted by Dean Piper On November 20th, 2011

Get ready for Tulisa to unleash her solo material – and we should have it on our iPods for sometime around February. The star told me at Children in Need Rocks in Manchester organised by Gary Barlow (above with me): “You won’t have any new material until the start of the year. It’ll all be out in February. I’m happy to do it when X Factor has finished – I didn’t want to rush anything just to be able to perform on the show. I want to concentrate on the music and not be panicking about the acts going straight after I’ve performed.”
And it sounds like the judge is getting pretty excited about Little Mix starting to become real contenders to win X Factor. “I feel like Little Mix were the underdogs and they have risen up the polls,” she added. “I’m starting to imagine who could be in the final. I reckon Amelia will be in the final. She’s done so well. I think it’s because she’s new and fresh and people love that.”

Meanwhile Tulisa’s man Fazer is one busy man. He’s working on his debut solo album as well as Tulisa and Dappy’s own records. But the star, who has just released N-Dubz Greatest Hits, says to expect the unexpected. “I want to work with people like Phil Collins and surprise everyone,” he said. “Taking a sample of his or Stings songs would be good. Dappy and me are huge fans of the eighties. The way the records were structured worked. We’re all about big hooks and choruses.”
What can we expect from Tulisa’s record then? Fazer says: “Obviously Tulisa has been on X Factor and people think she’s going to come out with a ballad or summit. But she’s going to have a dance song straight away, then there’s a rock record, then a power ballad. She’s doing everything. Totally versatile. It will be an album for the masses.”
Fazer played extremely coy when the possibility of working with Rihanna was mentioned, as has been rumoured. “Fingers crossed,” is all he would say.

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