The Atlas Clinic sorts out my pain in the neck!

Posted by Dean Piper On November 19th, 2011

I’ve had a really crappy crook in my neck for the past few months after putting my neck out with over enthusiastic moves on a  dancefloor (yes, I hear you all scream with laughter).                                                                                                                                          I was desperate to find an alternative therapy to ridiculously expensive chiropractor sessions that I was having and a friend of mine introduced me to Laurence at The Atlas Clinic.
To some up The Atlas Clinic – it’s fast becoming THE place for musculo-skeletal health and postural alignment amongst celebrities, pilates teachers and anyone who desires the opportunity for there body to work at its full potential.
Now, like you….I initially didn’t understand what the hell an Atlas was and I was highly sceptical about it. But after doing some research and being recommended the treatment by friends I took the plunge and had the treatment.
The best thing is it’s a one-off treatment and in almost every case should last for life.
Mr.Voigts is the only osteopath in the UK to offer this unique treatment and he quickly told me, in his opinion, the cornerstone of spinal health begins with restoring the position of the atlas C1 vertebra.
So what about the actual procedure? Well, the Atlas Profilax procedure is very gentle  involving a strategic massage to the upper cervical musculature using a specialised vibrating device. The treatment – which isn’t painful and is over within half an hour – can be effective for neck pain, lower back pain, whiplash, TMJ pain, headaches/migraine and even mental health.
I quickly realised I was not the first person to catch on to this new form of treatment in the UK. The celebs are all quietly visiting the Harley Street clinic on a Friday for their treatments.
In the past few weeks alone Dominic Cooper, Marc Warren, Abi Titmuss and a whole host of names are all swinging by.
Personally I felt an immediate relief in my neck. It was like balance was restored in my body. Admittedly at first I felt like my neck had turned to jelly but the sense of energy and relief was just fabulous.
I also found I was sleeping far better and in complete comfort – which hadn’t happened for ages!
Over the next few weeks I started to feel normal with my new neck.
Mr Voigts did tell me in my session that my Atlas was off to the right….probably from years and years of swimming as a youngster. It was interesting finding out about the Atlas too – I had no idea it could be so important and that a treatment like this could help me so much.
I honestly can’t recommend this treatment enough and urge you to visit for more details and further information.

The website has a load of testimonials from patients about there experiences with The Atlas Clinic.

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