Bill Nighy, Matt Cardle and Kelly Clarkson help switch the Regent Street Christmas lights on

Posted by Dean Piper On November 13th, 2011

Good news Pirate Of The Caribbean fans. Actor Bill Nighy – who plays Davy Jones in the successful franchise – has backed another movie to be made.
Speaking at the turning on of the Regent Street Christmas lights he said: “There is talk about doing another. They are so loved and so successful that it would be unlikely that they’ll leave it. I think the only thing that would prevent it is if Johnny Depp said he didn’t want to do it. I can’t see why they wouldn’t do another.”
But sadly any fans of Bill’s chart bid with Christmas Is All Around may be disappointed to learn he plans to hang up his mic. “I won’t put the nation through my singing anymore,” he said. “Anyone that liked that song needs help. But I am on a charity single as part of my film Arthur Christmas singing in my grandpa Santa voice. It’s called Make Someone Happy and it’s raising money for Starlight. I got to sing it in the Beatles’ room at Abbey Road studios which was incredible.”

Former Ugly Betty start Ashley Jensen (above left) has taken a pop to all the Joss Stone types out there and promises never to Americanise the dulcet tones of her Scottish accent. “I don’t understand how people do start talking transatlantic. It always sounds a bit weird,” she said at the turning on of the Regent Street Christmas lights. “I think I’ve managed not to loose mine because I know who I am and am comfortable with that. I can change it if needs be but most people ask me to keep my Scottish accent.”
And despite now living Stateside Ashley isn’t keen to get involved in the crazy La-La land lifestyle.
“I think people expect you to morph and change but I always think there is nothing more unique than being yourself. You are your own little package. I think if everyone embraced that a little bit more and stopped trying to be like other people then things might be better. Start focusing on things that matter.” Well said!

I’m so glad Kelly Clarkson did her homework before her recent X Factor performance. Not!
“I didn’t know that Kelly Rowland was a judge so that was kind of a big surprise!” Kelly laughed. “She is a fellow Texan so we had lots to talk about.”
And Kel – who’s album Stronger is out now – also had some choice words for X Factor loser Frankie Cocozza. “Some people like that lifestyle so that’s cool for them but I don’t fit into that and I don’t want to fit in it. I still live in Texas and that keeps me grounded. A lot of people love the fast-lane but that’s their thing and not mine.” Good girl.

Matt Cardle seemed pretty shocked when I broke the news of the axing of X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza to him earlier this week and gave me his take on the matter.
“It was pretty bad what he did in order to get kicked out. If he had walked then fair enough. He’s not had an easy ride bless him but he was a very bad boy. There were lots of house rules in place like keep your room tidy and be nice to each other.”
And Matt tells me he is giving himself until 2020 to shake off his X Factor tag.
“It was only last year that I was on X Factor so I’m not in any rush to loose it as there’s nothing bad about having been on there. Will Young is just Will Young now but it’s taken him ten years. People tell me that he’s managed to shake off the tag but then he’s had a whole decade for people to forget why he’s there. If I’m still doing this in 10 years then that would be amazing.” Good luck.

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