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Posted by Dean Piper On October 30th, 2011

Bad news One Direction fans … it’s getting very serious between Louis Tomlinson and his underwear model girlfriend Eleanor Calder.
Louis, who’s been dating student Eleanor for a month after being introduced by Harry Styles, took her home last weekend to Doncaster to meet his mother Johanna.
My source tells me: “Eleanor and Johanna got on like a house on fire. It’s all looking very serious between Eleanor and Louis. She’s the first girlfriend in a long time who Louis has introduced to his mum. It looks like it could be a long time before he is single again.”

Senkai is the latest Matt Hermer restaurant on the block. I dined alongside Pixie Lott, Lisa Snowdon, Chloe Green and Amber Le Bon at London’s first sustainably sourced Japanese inspired restaurant this week. The food was ace – and believe me I’ve gobbled posh sashimi in every plush joint London has to offer! Anyway, Amber told me she’s thrilled dad Simon of Duran Duran is over his recent vocal problems. Amber said: “I’m so pleased for him. It was scary – his voice is what he relies on. But he’s fine now and already back on the road.” Good to hear!

Well done to Britney Spears. Her Femme Fatale tour this week was leagues above her last Circus tour. She sang far more live, the dancing was better (but still not on point) and the set design was fabulous and grand. I took Myleene Klass down to the gig and it’s fair to say Leenie was envious of that Britney hair whip. Top night!

Noel Gallagher is fast becoming one of my favourite people. Mainly because of the fact he says everything we are all thinking! At this week’s Q Awards Noel was on particularly spiffing form. On mobile phones Noel said: “I just want a basic 1994 Nokia mobile. I can keep it in my back pocket and just do the basics with it – phone and text. What would I need a camera on it for? iPhones are for Cockneys and ****s. And they are far too big.”
On collaborating with other artists: “I’ve never been asked to do a collaboration. I guess i just don’t give off that come and get me vibe. I wouldn’t be adverse to doing one with Coldplay or U2 - anyone who sells 50million albums.”
I also happened to overhear Noel boasting about the fact he’s accepted a cameo in a Bo’ Selecta Christmas special. Proper, erm, bo.

We all might feel crazy-eyed-Kitty on X Factor is a tad bat shit crazy but I can’t help but love her. At least she’s exciting to watch and in tune! And Brian May of Queen thinks so too. The curly haired legend blogged about his love for Kitty recently and now says the pair are in touch. Brian told me at the Q Awards: “I’m watching her with great interest. At the weekend there were not that many rock voices but she seemed to have going on. There seemed to be quite a lot of bullying going on and I felt for her. She seems to be really progressing now. We’ve exchanged a couple of emails since I wrote that blog about her. X Factor is a machine and its ruthless.”

Get used to the name Victoria Justice – because I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot from her next year. The likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez can take a hike. She’s the new teen queen for Nickelodeon and will be coming to ITV next year. Not only does she sing, dance and act, she’s a blooming good laugh. I caught up with the star – who has over a million twitter followers – this week in London. Next year she will star in new flick Fun Size where Chelsea Handler will play her mum and her co-star is Johnny Knoxville.

Which star is worrying neighbour with her erratic behaviour? She’s supposed to be clean of drugs but is constantly traipsing down her stairs in towering heels to pick up from dealers outside. Sad.

Love is in the air for Skins star Luke Pasqualino and Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr! I’m told the pair have grown close and are “openly dating” on set whilst filming new comedy horror flick Love Bite in the UK. My mole says: “They’ve been going out for a few weeks now and by all accounts are completely smitten with each other.” The pair were last week spotted canoodling in Essex whilst filming scenes for the werewolf movie in Canvey Island.

Rob Brydon’s autobiography Small Man in a Book is out now in time for Christmas. It’s a great read from the Gavin and Stacey comedian. I caught up with the man himself (above with me) at a recent launch bash and stars including Ronni Ancona, Kelly Jones, Michael McIntyre and Ronnie Corbett turned out. Rob told me he wrote it all himself too. “It’s been very cathartic writing this book and I’ve worked hard on it,” he said. Funny read!

Rav Wilding doesn’t seem to have learnt his lesson when it comes to love following his split a few months back with Chantelle Houghton. I’m told he’s gone from one blow up blonde to another.
This time around he’s seeing Morgan Lees – contestant of my favourite TV show The Bachelor. I’m told the pair have been dating for the past month and Rav couldn’t be happier! Good for him. Hopefully Morgan’s not as fame-hungry as the ex….

Wyclef Jean has sent some stern words in the direction of former bandmate Lauryn Hill when it comes to the small matter of The Fugees reuniting. “If it is going to happen then they better hurry up because in 4-5 years I’m going to run for President again in Haiti,” he said at the Party In Pink Zumbathon event raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. “For The Fugees thing to happen Lauryn has to want it to happen. I hope one day that it can happen.” Me too…come on Lauryn!

You may not know the name Charlene Soraia but her stun-ning vocals on the Twinings TV advert will ring a bell. She reworked The Calling’s 2001 hit Wherever Will You Go and the track is soaring up the chart. Even Sophie Habibis covered Charlene’s version on XF last week. “I missed Merlin to watch the X Factor,” she told me this week. “I was distraught! It was a bit surreal but then I had to remember it wasn’t me on that stage so that’s fine. It’s a tricky song to sing because it’s quite low in the register so good on her. I’m just shocked that people like it! I’d never have got my music to this many people in my entire career so I know how lucky I am to get this advert.” Her debut album Moonchild was produced by Oasis hitmaker Paul Stacey and due to “overwhelming demand” has had its release brought forward to November 21.

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