Posted by Dean Piper On October 30th, 2011

Cher Lloyd has revealed she’s found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.
The 18-year-old may have only been dating trainee hairdresser Craig Monk since the summer but the star is deadly serious when she says she’s met a man for life. In her most revealing interview yet she tells me: “We’re living together, we’re very settled. This is it. You won’t ever hear of me having another boyfriend. My life is f***ing sorted. It’s cushdy. I’m rubbing my hands like an emperor – I’m on top of the world. I hope one day we’ll be married and having kids. Who knows.
“Some days I feel like I could run for miles screaming ‘Thank f***’ at the top of my lungs. I can’t believe I’ve fallen on my feet like this.”
But she says Craig finds her career as the UK’s premium teen pop star rather funny. “I’m the happiest girl alive,” she adds. “Meeting Craig was perfect timing. He helps me through a lot. He laughs about what I do and finds it amusing. When we’re walking around Asda doing our weekly shop and somebody spots me he just giggles.”
Cher, famous for her snarl throughout last years X Factor competition has a killer album on her hands with Sticks and Stones and this week she releases her Mike Posner duet With UR Love.
In real life Cher is surprisingly honest and seems to have grown up from the brat of last year. She revealed: “Me and my dad have always said, “We had shit all before and we can cope with shit all now.” My life hasn’t changed too much yet with money and things. I’m a big believer in saving money – I won’t be going out and spending. I haven’t bought anything of worth. The first thing I want to do is buy a house. Not big. I just want a detached house with a front door, four windows and a chimney pot. That’s what I’ve always wanted. I like things to aim for and that’s the one I’m working for. I’ve never wanted anything handed to me on a plate.”
Cher’s been called high maintenance in the past clear and it’s clear she’s no pushover these days either. Not even Simon Cowell could push her around from the sounds of it. She laughs: “I would have told Simon or whoever to piss off if they handed me 20 songs and said sing them for this album. No way would I have done that.”
And if you’re American and reading this then get ready. Because Cher has big plans for the US – Sticks and Stones is so perfect for the American market. She smirks: “America is something I’m going to do. But I want to do well out there. I’ve got big dreams. Even though I’ve achieved this there’s so much more I want to do. America is such a big thing to try and do. If I did try and do it I don’t want to be rejected. I want to be the one to succeed and make it work. I’m no Robbie.” I actually think out of everyone out there right now Cher stands the best chance of making it in the States! Good luck, Trouble!

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