W.E. gets a London debut….and here are my thoughts!

Posted by Dean Piper On October 29th, 2011

So the critics have been sharpening their nails when it comes to Madonna and her directorial debut W.E. What a surprise, not.
I met the lady herself this week at a London Film Festival screening of the movie and you can tell she’s excited and nervous about the project that she describes as her “baby”.
So, you want the truth?
The film – a two-tiered drama focusing on the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard – isn’t bad. It’s actually beautifully shot and visually attractive and features the most mesmerising performance from Andrea Riseborough who plays Wallis. If she doesn’t pick up award nominations for the performance I’d be surprised.
It’s very easy to walk into any film project associated with Madonna and immediately write it off. But don’t follow the crowd. This is one film that Madonna can be extremely proud of.

Catch W.E. in cinemas from January 20.

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