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It’s always a pleasure to chat to Pearl Lowe.

Natalie Edwards caught up with the fashion designer last week at the launch of her candle range for DP London and she opened the lid of family life. We chatted about becoming the new Osbourne family, the success of her clothing range and what she thought about ‘those’ pictures her model daughter Daisy shot for Playboy.

Hi Pearl, so tell me all about your collaboration with DP London for your first candle range…
I was sent a candle last Christmas by DP London and put it in my bedroom and was like ‘This is gorgeous’. When it ran out I cheekily rung up the press officer to ask for another one and she was like ‘Pearl, the owner of the company would like to meet you to speak about possibly doing something.’ On the spot I was like ‘Oh my god, yes!’ I’m such a candle lover anyway but this was a particularly amazing one. We’re going to have a whole range but this one is just primarily for Christmas so it’s all about spices and things that make you feel homely and remind you of Christmas.

What is your house in the countryside like?
I know we keep moving but we moved a year ago after finally finding a really lovely house. It’s really pretty and surrounded by a river and when you look out the window it’s like being in the woods. I have got lots of candles and a log fire. I have been really hands on with this house and so has my husband Danny. We are about a week away from finishing our recording studio. I think we might do an album together as a result. We have been writing songs for the last ten years which are just for ourselves but we’ve never had the space to put them down. You never know we may release it but I think it’s more for ourselves as we’ve been singing together at unplugged nights. As much as I love what I’m doing I can’t not sing as it’s a big passion of mine. The kids are also really excited as it’s a place they can hang with their mates.

Have you ever considered doing a fly-on-the-wall documentary ala The Osbournes?
Funnily enough we did a pilot for MTV but it went really, really horribly wrong. It was so intrusive that we pulled the plug. I just had my daughter Betty and they were there all the time. I know we are the perfect family for it with Alfie and Danny being musicians and Daisy being a model but it’s a really weird thing as they want you to argue. Nothing is sacred and the kids need to grow up. It’s a nice idea but when we tried it we realised it didn’t work. I’m all up for things that have a meaning and I love documentaries. It can become a bit shallow when you’re like ‘Look at me in my fabulous house’. I watched the Kardashians and was like ‘Oh my God.’ I just don’t get it. I know she has got loads of money but there is no talent there.

Your clothing range for Peacocks continues to sell-out with each new collection. Have they renewed your contract?
I’ve just signed for next year and I went the other day to look at the Spring collection and was honestly so blown away. We had a few teething problems at the beginning as sometimes I’d design a dress and it would be too expensive for them to make and they’d be dropped at the last minute. I am also doing my first girl’s range with Betty. She is fashion mad to the point where she changes up to five times a day! She has a suitcase and will put different outfits into it if she’s going to someone else’s house. It must be in her genes. She loves her dresses.

Will Daisy continue to model the range?
I don’t know actually as there have been loads of different changes. I’m going to try and get her in somehow as I can’t not work with her. I love working with her. I’m not just saying this but I have a vision of how the dresses should look and how she wears them is it. She is perfect.

Would you like to work on other projects together?
I don’t know what we would work on because she is a model and she is acting as well at the moment. We live three hours away from each other so when we do work together it’s so nice as we know that we’re going to get to spend a couple of days together. I’m sure if another project came up then we would love to. The other thing that I’m aware of is that I don’t want us to do too much as people get sick of you. I don’t want them to be like ‘Oh there they are again – the mum and daughter!’ We do love working together and really get on but you do have to be careful.

You were once the face of Agent Provocateur – would you consider doing some more modelling?
Not unless they want an old bag to do something! I hit forty last year and I’ve changed a lot. I know that I can wear something and I won’t go into Topshop because it’s too young for me. It’s the whole dressing for your age thing. It’s a weird age. I think it’s such a shame that you aren’t born old and get younger because you get so wise and I really know who I am now as opposed to when I was twenty but it’s just a shame I don’t look like that anymore! As long as there are no mirrors around it’s fine. You get used to looking a certain way for so many years and you always think you are going to look like that. It’s a funny thing. It would be weird to get Botox as no-one in the countryside does that. It’s all about natural beauty there and then you come to London and I find it really weird as everyone starts morphing in to each other. I like the lines around my eyes because they give me character.

Do you get recognised in the countryside?
We are in such a rural place that I don’t think people realise we are famous. We’re not that high profile anyway. Although the other day Daisy came round with Matt [Smith] and he said that he’d really like to pick the kids up from school. We didn’t really think anything of it and suddenly there was this massive scrum around them with phones in their faces but it was mainly all the mums! It was absolutely mental.

Would you like to write a follow-up to your autobiography All That Glitters?
I’d love to because that was written when I was in a really dark place and it was quite depressing. I definitely want to do a follow-up but I don’t know when. I’ve been seven years sober now so it would be nice to write something more light-hearted and a spiritual book. I really feel that I’m not there but I’m definitely on my way to peace and happiness. They are making a movie about it. I feel like it’s been going on for a few years now but really and truly it’s now happening and it’s at the script stage now. The director sees it more as a love story than a downfall.

Now Daisy is taking acting lessons would you like her to play yourself in the film?

I think she would feel uncomfortable and so would I as it’s a bit of a horrible story. I think I would like to go for an unknown actress but I don’t actually any say about the movie. Though I’m allowed to say if I really hate someone as I have script control. I think I’m allowed to be at castings which will be fun. I originally thought it was going to come out a couple of years ago but the director John McKay has been working on the new Jean Shrimpton movie so has been busy. Everyone probably thinks I’m lying as it has taken so long! I’ll have to hurry him along by butting a bullet up his a**e!

What did you think about Daisy’s shoot for Playboy – were you supportive of her doing it?

I think I saw a toned down version on the internet where there were Daisy’s strategically placed. She has got an amazing body and I have that attitude that if you have that kind of body isn’t it great to be able to look back and be like ‘That’s what I looked like’. The other part of me does think that she’s so intelligent and has got so many other assets that I hope people don’t judge her and think that’s all she is good for. She is twenty-two and I can’t tell her what to do – she wouldn’t listen to me anyway! I just hope that the public don’t think that she is airhead and that’s all she is good for because she is worth so much more than that. She is so amazing – she’s very sweet, naturally beautiful and intelligent. She asked me what I thought and I told her to always go with her gut feeling on things. If said that if she thought that it was the right thing to do in her gut then she should do it. Only we know what is right for us and as long as she thought that was the right decision then it was the right decision.

Have you got a copy of Playboy pride of place in your house?
Sadly I had to look at it online and there were only the ones with the daisy’s all over her. But that was lucky as Danny her stepdad had to look at them too and at least she was covered in all the appropriate places as he doesn’t want to see that – he used to bath her when she was a kid! I would never, ever have done that myself as I’m such a prude. She definitely doesn’t get her body confidence from me as I hate my body and I always have done. I’ve never even gone topless on holiday and I’m so different to her as I’m very shy. I’ve always shied away from anything like that. I did Agent Provocateur years ago but I was covered. If they told me  that I had to wear nipple tassles then it would have been an instant no!

In a creative collaboration, DP London has partnered with British designer Pearl Lowe to create a range of limited edition collectors’ edition candles. The Pearl Lowe for DP London Candle range is available exclusively from, Selfridges and

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