Catching up with Kelly Clarkson in London

Posted by Dean Piper On October 2nd, 2011

You won’t catch Kelly Clarkson flashing her undercarriage on stage like some of today’s pop pickers do. I caught up with American Idol winner Kelly recently in London and she told me if she had it she WOULD flaunt it. But she doesn’t….
“I wasn’t blessed with tits,” Kelly laughed. “So flashing is not possible my friend. I do have a good sturdy bra though. I’ve thought many times that I’d look good with boobs the size of my padded bras. “There’s nothing to flop out like Rihanna. I’m not overtly sexual with my music. I think there’s a way you can be sexual without being overt. Hell, if I looked like Rihanna and Britney then I’d be all about the whips and chains. I let the music speak for itself.”
Kelly, who releases new single Mr Know It All on October 16, then confessed to a crush – on Annie Lennox. “I remember the first thing I saw Annie Lennox perform,” she gushed. “She was standing there just with a fricking microphone and I was like: “Oh my God, she’s just so captivating.” She was just incredible.”

Such a thrill to meet Kelly – I’ve been a fan since hearing her blistering live version of Beautiful Disaster all those years ago…..

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