Mamma Mia creator Judy Craymer opens up about the Spice Girls Musical

Posted by Dean Piper On September 25th, 2011

There’s so much secrecy surrounding the Spice Girls Musical Viva Forever that will premiere after the Olympics are out the way on the West End in 2012. And I’m thrilled to be able to give you the look at what’s happening with the script direct from the mouth of the show’s producer Judy Craymer. She tells me: “The storyline focus is on wanting to be famous, adoption and the perils of reality show TV like X Factor. If you listen to all of the lyrics of the Spice Girls songs – and I’ve had to study them intimately – it’s all about wanting to be famous and making it. It will feature two generations of women and a set of reality show judges. The Spice Girls managed to make it before the world was obsessed with reality show TV so it’s set in the modern day which is dominated by people wanting to be famous and centres on whether they would have made it in the generation of reality TV as they were all individuals and each had their own strong personality.
“The answer is that you should just be yourself. Jennifer Saunders has penned it and is on top form with the script – she’s injecting so much humour and personality!”
And despite not being a biopic show, Judy also reveals the show will pay note to Geri Halliwell leaving the band. Judy continues: “It won’t be a tribute or bio show as the storyline is fiction but will be all about the themes that made them famous like being true to yourself and having a sense of self and friendship. It will pay note to Geri leaving the Spice Girls by it being about friendship and will show one of them leaving the group and what happens to that dynamic.
“There are 18 Spice Girls songs in the show and will include all of the favourites. There will be cynics – like there was with Abba and Mamma Mia – but it’s exciting to be targeting a whole new generation and everyone has got a bit Spice in them and can identify with one or more of the girls.”
Judy also says the original band are being kept fully in the loop about what’s happening with the show as it develops. And Judy’s expecting far more input from the ladies themselves as things progress.
“I’ve been keeping the girls fully informed as we are going along and relaying all the information,” she adds. “They are all very excited about it and I’m sure they’ll have more input when it actually goes to the stage. I can imagine Victoria will be sitting there in the front row making me notes on the costumes. I’m not sure if we’ll get her to design the costumes though!”

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