Craig David says Michael Jackson will be watching the Michael Forever Tribute. Hmmmm.

Posted by Dean Piper On September 24th, 2011

Remember Craig David? I just about do. Anyway, Craig reckons the late Michael Jackson will be watching down on the likes of Leona Lewis and Beyonce when they perform at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert.
“I’m a believer that when you leave this Earth you continue on and your body is just a vehicle. I think he’d be very proud of what he has achieved in his career and how powerful and important his music has been for other musicians.”
And after Craig has performed at the October 8 event in Cardiff he’s going back into the studio to work on some new tunes and is hoping to rope the JLS lads into his plans.
“Whenever I meet up with them we always say that we will do something together. It’s just a case of when the scheduling is right. We would definitely do something special together.”

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