Claudia Winkleman is clearly enjoying being a new mum…again!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 24th, 2011

Claudia Winkleman sounds like she’s just fine about sitting out from presenting this years Strictly Come Dancing series following the recent birth of her third child Arthur. Speaking at the premiere of The Debt she told me: “I look like a dog but I’ve just had a baby. There are not Spanx strong enough to keep my a**e in check. I haven’t lost the baby weight but I couldn’t give a t*ss about that. I’m allergic to exercise- sweating is bad, sitting is good!
“Arthur’s only eleven weeks old but I reckon he can chat. I said to him today ‘Are you a possum or are you a monkey?’ and he went ‘Oooh’ back to me so I think it means that he is an owl. I can’t do Strictly It Takes Two because of this pumpkin as he’s too little. I’ll be sitting on the sofa with little Arthur eating sandwiches and watching Zoe Ball doing it. It’s all about Russell Grant for me. If his number isn’t in my sim card by Christmas I will have failed as a human being. Nancy Dell’Olio is also fabulous and is going to be my best friend. I love her wardrobe and I am going to mount all of them. That’s quite scary as I’m quite heavy at the moment.”

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