James Morrison HATED ‘Broken Strings’

Posted by Dean Piper On August 14th, 2011

James Morrison sounds like a romantic guy…not! Despite being with his long-term girlfriend Gill for nearly a decade he tells me that he’s still resisting putting a ring on her finger!
“I’ve been fighting off marriage for years. I’ve never wanted to get married but I’ve had a kid with her so she deserves to get married,” he said. “The truth is that no guy voluntarily wants to get married. It’s only a piece of paper so why ruin it? I’m up for trying it but if we get divorced I’ll go f**king mental and be like ‘I told you!’ It’s not the most romantic thing but I do love her.”
And surprisingly the singer – who hooks up with Jessie J on new album The Awakening released on September 26 – revealed he isn’t happy that Broken Strings, a duet with Nelly Furtado, is his biggest hit to date.
“I was dead against doing a duet for a while because of Broken Strings as that song took me down a route that I didn’t want to go down,” he said. “When it turned out to be my most successful song I was like ‘Sh*t! How the f**k did that happen?!’ I wanted to come back from it and not do songs that were as commercial. Jessie shows a different side to her on the track and that’s what I like because fans of her album won’t be expecting it.”

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