Cheryl who? Ashley Cole parties with a bunch of girls in London

Posted by Dean Piper On August 14th, 2011

Ashley Cole certainly didn’t look like a man wanting to rekindle a romance with his ex-wife last Saturday night when he hit London town following his football game in Glasgow.
But now it would definitely appear any hopes of a reconciliation with Cheryl Cole after the pair openly snogged at her birthday bash in London last month are off. My spy spotted Ashley and two of his friends at the posh One Four One private members club on Park Lane in London last weekend. And the love-cheat – who defied the club’s ‘strict’ no trainers policy turning up in sports shoes – was definitely enjoying the attention of an entire group of young girls.
My friend alongside the partying footballer reveals: “Ashley was on the table near us and he was covered in young girls wearing the usual next to nothing club outfits. One blonde girl in particular was gyrating all over him. She had a blonde bob and a bright blue dress that was so short you could practically see everything.
“Ashley’s eyes were popping out of his head. He was enjoying every minute and was definitely playing the single man part. He was on his phone quite a bit in between girls dancing for him. And as a reward to the group of ladies he bought a tray of about 20 shots. Which they happily downed before starting their smutty dance routine again.”
And I’m told on this occasion Ashley made a huge effort not to be seen out and about enjoying himself – even sending out one of his pals to hassle a waiting photographer who had pitched up following my friend alerting me to his presence in the club.
My female snapper told me: “One of Ashley’s mates came outside and said he would smash my camera in if I attempted to take a picture.” Nice!
Eventually Ashley was sneaked out the back entrance of the club by four bouncers ensuring he wasn’t pictured at 3.30am.
Memo to Cheryl: This is one leopard that will never change his spots. He’s trash. In the past few weeks he’s been exposed sleeping with an air stewardess, a former Miss Ireland and more ladies across the pond. Let’s move on now!

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