Shayne Ward and Justin Lee Collins prepare for the West End launch of Rock of Ages

Posted by Dean Piper On August 11th, 2011

Shayne Ward is preparing to become a West End star now he’s scooped the lead role of bad boy rocker Stacee Jaxx in new musical Rock Of Ages.
But it’s not his only image overhaul. The former X Factor winner wants to ditch his Mr Nice Guy persona and opt for Plan B – literally.
“I’d like my career to be between acting and singing. Someone who I think has got it down to a tee at the minute is Plan B,” he said. “I can see we’re into similar stuff like gritty drama and edgy storylines. That’s what I want to do and I look to him. It would be pretty cool to get myself involved with similar things. Appearing in a Guy Ritchie film like Snatch would be my ultimate dream.” Get him.
Meanwhile Justin Lee Collins has lost a tonne of weight preparing for the show. How did he do it? “I’ve been doing loads of burpees and squat thrusts,” he said. How very old school.

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