Posted by Dean Piper On August 11th, 2011

Example is a chart star with a mission to leave the bullshit out of the equation when he does an interview. It’s so refreshing to interview somebody that you can ask anything to. So I asked him about topics we’re all interested in before he playing at BBC Radio 1′s Ibiza Party on Friday. Check out his frankness below.

Is Simon Cowell killing music?
Yes he is, of course. He’s fucked it all up. He’s basically created a show and an industry which is making one hit wonders and morons the way forwards. People look at a short lived career, Simon makes a lot of money and they’re going to be fucked. He comes out on top. He uses Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and Cher Lloyd or whoever. They’re all puppets who will make a quick million. As soon as he realises they aren’t bankable her sacks them off. I guess it’s good as they go from unknown to making a lot of money in a short period of time. They’re promised the dream and within a year or two nobody gives a shit about them. They know nothing about the music industry – they’re muppets. They don’t spend time in the industry working away. They don’t know how to write songs, they don’t know who their accountant is and they’re fucked. In terms of what he’s turned out over the years, he’s bloody awful.

Why is Nicola Roberts solo music not selling?
I don’t know. I met Nicola and she’s lovely. I haven’t got a bad word to say about her. People in girlbands that try and go solo have a hard time. I met her and she was a really nice girl. I really like her songs and I don’t know why it’s not flying. She’s got a really unique voice and she’s genuine. If she came out as a solo artist by herself before Girls Aloud she’d do alright. But I guess the problem is that Cheryl Cole’s the most popular and good looking one and she’s fighting a hard battle. She’s third or fourth in line as most popular so maybe it’s harder. Having met her and heard the songs I wish her luck.

Is Tulisa ready to go solo from N-Dubz?
When people from a band try to go solo it’s always hard to make things work. You need to be the star of the band to make it work don’t you? I mean, when Beyonce went solo it worked for her. But the other two it didn’t. My view on N-Dubz is that I rate them. They’re hard working and they are a great act. Amazing live. But the star of the band is Dappy. He’s so talented. If anyone is going to make it solo it will be Dappy. I’ve met Tulisa and she’s lovely – there’s not a bad word to say about her but Dappy is the star of the show.

Is Cher Lloyd going to make it?
I hope not. You know my problem isn’t her. My problem is the fact that when you sing to a major label with millions of pounds to spend they should hook you up with the best writers and producers. And that is how it should work. And she’s been hooked up with the worst producers and the worst writers in terms of Swagger Jagger. It’s embarrassing. I just feel sorry for Cher – she’s 18, she’s got her life ahead of her and she’s pretty decent talent wise. I can relate to her because she’s the ugly duckling. She’s not the typical pop star and I can relate to that. But the songs that she’s made and been given are fucking atrocious.

Is Leona Lewis going to make a huge comeback with Collide?
It’s not Leona’s fault. But Simon Cowell has blatantly stolen the beat off of Avvici and the Ministry of Sound. The thing is the Leona song isn’t actually that bad but they didn’t actually ask to use it. It’s arrogant to do that. It’s a case of Simon and Sony thinking they have more money and more clout than them. It’s an aggressive and nasty way to do business.

Example’s album Playing in the Shadows is out September 4

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